Enjoy slowly and discover the local life of Germany

When it comes to living their lives, Germans believe in this saying:

"The delicate life should be taken slowly."

In this sentence, traveling is also part of enjoying life. Germans are famous for their love of traveling, especially after spring, when the whole family goes out to enjoy the mountains and water together, it is a common thing to do. During the trip, Xiaobian thinks the above sentence should be changed into:

"Delicate travel, should be slow."

Because in the journey, slow, beautiful. Walk slowly, to find the temptation of the distant world; Look slowly, to understand the story behind; Take your time and experience the local customs.

Travel, is a kind of aesthetics, the most important thing is to experience the quality, and only incarnate as a local, slow down to experience, can discover the beauty of it. But in reality, we are often in the multi-point line, running around in scenic spots, but we ignore that travel is also a kind of aesthetics -- to enjoy like locals, to discover things in strange countries with familiar eyes.

"Slow to Enjoy, Discover Native German Life"

During the trip in Germany, taste the human fireworks, like the German locals, to do their favorite things, to eat their favorite food, to play their favorite scenic spots, taste the exotic fireworks, you will find that there is a different fun.

Enjoy slowly and discover the local life of Germany

Check out local entertainment

Germans have a rich leisure life. After work or on their day off, they will go to a small concert, see a play, or attend a reading seminar and so on.

In many cases, the small concerts are close to their homes, and some of them are in the old factory buildings and other slightly hidden places, which are usually only open to locals or need to be taken by locals. For example, Berlin, a free and open city, has many such places. Xiaobian once introduced a "crossover expert" in Berlin, who gradually attracted bands from fixing piano tuning to holding small concerts on a regular basis.

When it comes to Berlin, that's a lot of entertainment. Especially along the Spree River, outdoor concerts, little beer gardens, putting down knives and forks and dancing when the music starts.

At this point, don't be shy, enter the dance floor and follow the twist.

Where there is water, there is entertainment, a proposition that holds true in Germany. Paddle surfing is a popular water sport in Germany in summer. In Lubeck, for example, it's a popular pastime for locals: take a paddle, stand on a surfboard and glide along the river, admiring the picturesque scenery on both sides. If you want to experience it, you have to learn how to swim

No matter which city you are in in Germany, local people's entertainment is full of taste. As long as you look for it carefully and experience it slowly, it will be an experience that other tourists can't contact.

Eat local food

Enjoy the local fireworks, how can you miss the local food? You should know that there are many kinds of food in Germany, just beer, bread and sausage, eating one kind at each meal can also make a difference to your meal.

Take bread for example, different regions have different bread, and even a village has its own specialty, which requires you not to hurry, slowly to find the delicious food. For example, when you go to the Black Forest, don't just think about the Black forest cake, the Black Forest blast furnace country bread, which has been passed down to this day, the Black forest ham, the Black forest cherry soju, which is 100% local.

Want to save some time? Head to your local bakery, where a selection of freshly baked breads are displayed in the window, but ask around to find out which is the most popular local flavor.

As for the local cuisine of other regions, it is as numerous as the stars. On the past "Green Thursday" (the Thursday before Easter), people were traditionally not allowed to eat meat on this day. What to eat? Frankfurt locals eat Grune soße (parsley, sorbet, elmus, comfrey, chervil and chives) mixed with sour milk, mayonnaise or sour cream, served with potatoes and eggs.

So when in Frankfurt, green sauce is a must try.

Visit local markets

Shopping malls are the same, the local old market taste myriad. Take a trip to a local market for a taste.

In Bremen, a local favorite is the Markthalle Acht, or market hall. In this old market, there are freshly picked flowers and delicious ingredients, more local snacks and exquisite handicrafts, come here to browse, you can always find delicious and interesting outside

In Stuttgart, the Markthalle Market hall, built in 1914, is a good place to experience people's life style. It covers an area of 6,800 square meters, and there are 3,500 square meters of sales area on the first floor, where you can find a wide variety of goods, colorful fruits and vegetables, and Schwaben specialty food. There's definitely more shopping (eating) than there is in one day.

Every town has its own market with local fireworks. Some of the most famous are Hamburg's Fischmarkt, which dates back more than 300 years and has been a place for Burgerians to party on weekends. Fish market burgers, especially the Fischbrotchen and Rollmopse, are in short supply, so if you want to find authentic fish market flavors, you just need to take a turn on an empty stomach.

Go to hamburger to eat hamburger, don't feel very wonderful ~

Visit some of the locals' favorite spots

For the exotic traveler, the list may be full of popular sites, with a visit to Neuschwanstein Castle and a detour to the Pilgrimage Church of Weiss on the way back...

Secret and beautiful, small and delicate, many of the German holiday resorts are like that. Between Weisma and Rostock, for example, is the seaside resort of Kuhlungsborn. That pure seaside resort is the German holiday "secret back garden"! According to statistics, only 2% of the visitors here are not from Germany. Now you know the secret ~ WHEN you come to Germany, will you come here to enjoy the sunshine and beach?

Then there is Titisee, one of the most distinctive mountain lakes in the Black Forest, with clear, unpolluted water that is even raw, hiking trails and nearby hot springs that are a great place for Germans to relax.

Tegernsee, outside Munich; Spreewald, not far from Berlin; Cochem, a small town whose reputation has been outgunned by Koblenz. Too much too much, just waiting for you to slowly find.