Travel to the West

On July 12, 2018, my daughter drove my family from Mountain View, San Francisco Bay Area, California, with five people of all ages, one grandchild and three generations, and came back successfully on the afternoon of August 15. The 35-day road trip ended successfully.

The road trip wound its way south to east to north to west, south to the US-Mexico border town, north to the US-Canada Bridge, west to the eastern Pacific coast, east to the American heartland plains, covering 5,560 miles (9,000km), through nine western states, through dozens of cities, counties and towns, He has visited 9 national parks such as Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Redwood, Olympic, Joshua, Grand Teton, Arch, Bryce, Lake Powell, and many state parks and special parks. I visited 13 famous American universities and many museums, galleries, libraries, churches and so on. I visited 16 scenic campsites and 15 hotels, visited Wal-Mart and Safeway, Subway, burger joint, Lisburg, outlet mall and Chinese and Western restaurants. Nearly the entire length of Highway 101, California Highway 1, Highway 89, and Highway 90, and part of Highway 66, the first century-old East-West corridor in the United States.

Travel to the WestAlong the way, blue sky, white clouds, sunrise and rosy clouds, boundless wheat fields, herds of cattle and horses, eyes full of pine and cypress meet, more peculiar is the auspicious rainbow has 5 times appeared in different areas, even perennial deep clouds in the Rainier snow mountain also for us to show the true appearance. And the American road is really beautiful, daughter's car is really to force, daughter's driving technology is really wonderful, in general is the right time, the right place and the expected smooth safety.

Along the way, the whole family, old and young people are taking photos, the camera phone took thousands of photographs (not including friends sun images taken these phones), tan for color number, has experienced the storm or thunder and lightning, fire and radiant, memorable way is also met with the help of strangers, feeling of human is simple, pure relationship and friendship.

What I saw and heard during the 35-day tour overturned my previous impression of the United States. There were too many feelings, too many surprises and too much admiration. Open our vision, increase the knowledge, so that the soul by the sublimation and baptism. Have such a lifetime in a foreign country three generations of self-drive travel with happiness without regret! -- Take this passage as the summary of the road trip.