7 places to visit in Japan

When talking about the beauty of Japan, I think most people will immediately think of Mount Fuji, which has indeed become one of the symbols of the country. But we can't underestimate the ability of the Japanese find beauty, so, after all, a lack of resources to compare the island could not with the world famous tourist paradise, must have a lot of friend also have initially thought of traveling to Japan, let us some for you today to comb the first besides Mount Fuji, 10 will clock in scenic area.

Iso Shrine, Ibaraki Prefecture

Although there are many large and small shrines in Japan, but the Former shrine can be said to be unique, the vast sea with the toorii on the stone, let a person have a kind of "East facing the jieshi" wide feeling, in this sunrise is a must.

Kyoto Fujimi Inaba Daishe

To the Japanese Shinto culture is absolutely a must experience the project, just like the previously mentioned iso former Shrine, this shrine also has a very attractive ability to kill, that is, chitoi, to Japan without a card is absolutely a loss.

7 places to visit in JapanAngel Road, Kagawa Prefecture

This scenic spot is a masterpiece of nature. When the tide goes out, the road and bridge to the other side of the island will magically appear, and it is like the romantic scene in ancient secret stories. It is a place to take your partner to clock in during your lifetime.

Takashimoto Gorge, Miyazaki Prefecture

China has the majestic mother Yellow River, Japan has the magnificent amaterasu god's grandson to come to the place - Gao Qiansui gorge, deep canyon, rippling blue waves, through which, the cliff falls will suddenly appear in the side, indeed magic.

Gunma Prefecture · Chukuo Falls

Niagara Falls in the United States everyone has heard of it, magnificent and unusual, and Japan and even the whole Asia of Nicaragua is here, there are surrounding layers of forest set off, but also highlights a bit of Asia's soft beauty, and Tokyo is also very close, the traffic is very convenient.

Hitachi Waterfront Park, Ibaraki Prefecture

If you want to talk about the world of fairy tales, it is probably always the fragrance of flowers and birds. In The Hitachi Seaside Park in Ibaraki Prefecture, there is such a world. The endless flowers seem to reflect the fairy tale into reality.

Kakutan, Akita

It's impossible to visit Japan without admiring the beauty of its national flower, the cherry blossom. Kakukan in Akita prefecture is a good place to go, with its historic streets and pink eyeballs serving as the source of many popular online photos.

Of course, these are all beauties that you tend to overlook, and there are many more prestigious places to check out!