Which European country is the most beautiful?

In terms of tourism, Europe ranks first among all continents, followed by Asia. North America has good scenery without much culture, Central and South America is relatively boring, and Africa and Australia are more primitive.

But in Europe, if you say which is the most beautiful, in fact, the debate is quite big, radish and pickles have their own preferences, it is wrong to say that one is better than the other. A friend of mine once said something that I really agree with: Europe is good, anywhere is good. However, if it is divided according to the level, ALTHOUGH I have not walked all, but according to the impression can comment on a general impression, and leave everyone a general impression and discussion space. We hope the epidemic will end soon and normal exchanges will resume.

The first group is France, Switzerland and golden Pigs

Before the epidemic, France was always the world's largest tourism kingdom, and its status was hard to shake. Rich culture and food, beautiful countryside and towns, everywhere beautiful, rich culture. It's a recognized number one.

The so-called PIGS are Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain, and are said to have formed the first letter of the four countries, PIGS, because of their poor performance during the financial crisis, high unemployment rates and lazy southern Europeans. Italy and China are tied for the world Heritage title, and there are cities and places to visit from north to south. Even more than a dozen trips to China are not enough.

The Vatican

Greece has an unrivaled culture and islands: Santorini, Zakynthos, Crete, Milos, Rhodes, a bunch of them, and Corfu, home of the Dreyers.

Before the epidemic, Spain was the third most visited country in the world after China. From the charming Barcelona to the beautiful Andalusia villages, it was easy to walk around the world heritage sites and scenic spots where Game of Thrones was filmed.

Portugal may not be widely known, but it has been the number one country in Europe to visit for many years, according to europeans themselves. Of course Portugal is relatively old and small, but food and beauty (both natural and historical) are equally plentiful.

Which European country is the most beautiful?The lucerne, Switzerland,

Switzerland my feeling is too beautiful to be true, the vast green countryside is too beautiful. I have been to Xinjiang seven or eight times. The beauty of Xinjiang is different from that of Switzerland. Switzerland has manual intervention, so it looks more orderly. Therefore, the beauty of Switzerland and Xinjiang is different. There are similarities in the scenery, but they are not the same.

The second group consists of Norway, the Netherlands, Germany, the Czech Republic, the United Kingdom, Poland, Austria and Croatia

Why are the five Nordic countries not grouped together? Because Norway is the most prominent, the other four are a little bit behind Norway. Northern Europe is characterized by stunning natural beauty, with fjords in summer and auroras in winter.

Aurora Norse

The Netherlands, Germany and the UK are all super-developed countries that value urban preservation, historical heritage and environmentalism: The Netherlands is small, but it has plenty to offer, including beautiful cities, van Gogh's Road, canal culture, and the most open country in the world.

In fact, Germany and Britain are in the first group. They are beautiful from city to country, German forest and English grassland. However, relatively speaking, the characteristics may be less than the four golden pigs.

Poland is a bit like the little daughter-in-law who has been bullied throughout history. However, Poland is a large agricultural country in Europe. There are Krakow in the south and Gdansk in the north. There are many historical cities, natural scenery and delicious food in Poland.

Prague, Czech Republic

Czech republic and Austria are both small countries, but their characteristics are too distinct. Czech Prague and CK are too strong, and they are the country of thousands of castles. Austria is also more beautiful scenery, but more reflected in the winter skiing, winter tourism in the fighter jet, rolls Royce, god general existence.

Croatia is known to The Chinese because of Game of Thrones, but it has always been a tourist destination in Europe. I was in Croatia for 10 days and the seaside towns are beautiful, but there are too many of them and they all look the same.

Belgium, Hungary and so on can also be counted.

The third group is Iceland, Slovenia, Malta, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Finland, etc

In this section, I want to talk about some special small countries.

Chinese people like to go to Iceland very much. I can hear the accents from all over the country in Iceland's Blue Lake hot spring.

Iceland is small, but its strong natural scenery, such as China's Xinjiang And Tibet, the vast expanse of wilderness, a look is a large place to photograph, driving super cool, the scenery is invincible. Some of you, if you have a chance, can read "Daydreamer", which has the scenery of Iceland. Waterfalls, glaciers, snow fields, endless vicissitudes of life. Switzerland is not even close to here.

Lake Blad, Slovenia

Slovenia is a surprise, less well known. Generally go to Slovenia is to the capital Ljubljana (not big) and Lake Brede, but this small country along the way is very beautiful, a look is the appearance of a developed country, the natural scenery is particularly beautiful, very distinctive characteristics.

Malta is far away, on the Mediterranean Sea, and its distance makes it less well known. But the ancient city walls of Malta, the azure blue of the Mediterranean, are a natural beauty of mythical proportions. Of course, the country is relatively small, fun or limited.

I didn't go to Bosnia and Herzegovina, I just passed by once. But all my friends say bosnia and Herzegovina is worth a visit. It's an unpopular country. In fact, Serbia, Bulgaria and other countries can also be put in, are relatively cold.

I have been to Finland many times, and the scenery is not as good as Norway, but there are many interesting places in Finland, for example, elk walk freely in the streets in many cities, and there are 3 million saunas in the population of 5 million, so you must try Finnish bath. In addition, Finland is the gateway from East Asia to Europe. Many East Asians choose to transfer planes here. If they have time to transfer planes, they must try hot springs.

Finland, after a sauna, jump in the river

The small Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. To be honest, they all have their own characteristics, but they're all too small and they all have world Heritage sites to visit. Belarus next to the relative no characteristics, but the beauty is really beautiful, full streets are beautiful, never met which country beauty so much, tourism resources are very general, if you have to comment on a resource, beauty is resources. These small countries are so small, forest coverage rate is also great, visible people are not how much, more on Belarus, beauty is not allowed to export.

Other Group IV countries

Some small countries, such as Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, SAN Marino, Andorra, Vatican, etc., are all by the way, don't mention it. Moldova, on the other hand, is really boring.

The fourth group of countries, belonging to the relatively good, can go or not to go, usually put in the last to go, or by road.

Budapest, Hungary

For example, Denmark and Sweden in Northern Europe, Bulgaria, Northern Macedonia, Serbia, Bulgaria and Albania in the Balkans, Romania, Ukraine and Slovakia in Eastern Europe, are not as prominent as their neighbors. It is not that they are not beautiful. Belgium is also famous, but it's usually a trip from France to Holland, or a trip from Holland to France, the same goes for Ireland, and you can stop by England.


In fact, there is one country that is not on the list, and that is Russia. From the sense of travel, always forget to put her back to Europe. Of course, if Russia is also listed, it must be in the first group: the country is so big, so many beautiful scenery, Russian people love art and drinking, of course, there are many beautiful women. I don't think that's the right word.