What is the cause of the current sensor failure

Current sensor, is a kind of detection device, can feel the information of the measured current, and can be detected and feel the information, according to a certain law to meet a certain standard of electrical signal or other required form of information output, in order to meet the transmission, processing, storage, display, recording and control of information and other requirements. Next, I will tell you in detail what causes the current sensor failure and how the current sensor measures good or bad.

First, what is the cause of the current sensor failure

Fault identification method of current sensor

1. Signal-based diagnosis method.

This diagnosis method is to diagnose whether the fault occurs by measuring the signal and distinguishing the signal characteristics. If the current sensor has a fault, then it will show different signal characteristics, to record it, fault signal characteristics and normal system characteristics are different, so according to the previous experience can accurately grasp the fault location, to identify it, so as to solve. When running smoothly without obstacles, the fault location variables of each phase will approach a fixed value. However, after the fault of one phase current sensor, this value will be significantly different from the other two phases, so as to locate the fault.

2. Knowledge-based fault diagnosis method.

The basis and foundation of this diagnosis method are slightly different from the former two. It needs real-time data and historical data, and can only be diagnosed when both of them are available. This diagnosis is widely used in practice.

3. Model-based diagnosis method.

The basis of this diagnostic method is mathematical modeling, that is, the application of mathematical models to electric motors. In this case, you have to use an observer. The information observed by the observer is compared with the actual measurement information of the current sensor to determine the fault. The full-order adaptive observer is used to generate a residual, and the fault of the current sensor is judged according to the residual and the given threshold.