Thailand Tour (1)

When I have nothing to do, I pick up my things and find Thailand travel book, so I just write a travel book.

In the winter of 2017, the wedding leave was about to expire. I was in a mood at home and wanted to go out to play, but I was forced to do so. The host agreed to take a vacation and contacted friends.

Then according to our common people's food and clothing to write it!


Due to the short time, I simply made mental preparation, took a few summer clothes (Thailand only has summer), put on the down jacket, sat on the plane, and began to travel. When I arrived in Thailand, I found that the clothes I brought were slightly different, big shorts, flip-flops are king, so we both bought a short sleeve, flip-flops, my husband bought a pair of floral big shorts, I bought a pair of elephant pants with a very Thai style. In Thailand, where prices are low, these items cost 100 baht (20 yuan), making them cool and appropriate.


Before going to Thailand, the guide told us that Thailand is sour, sweet and spicy, not sour, sweet, hot three kinds of taste, but the fusion of these three kinds of taste, and very stingy salt, most people are not used to eating, can take some mustard. We are more obedient, brought a few packets of mustard, two breakfast finished. I have always regretted bringing too little pickles. In the later stage of the trip, some travelers asked who was eating instant noodles, and it turned out that they brought a box of bottled noodles. Haha, this is how much I don't trust Thai food.

Speaking of Thai food, Thai fried rice, mango glutinous rice, fried banana, kebab, Thai pineapple fried rice, Tom yum Kung soup, seafood and so on is not much different from the domestic. Here are some of my most impressive dishes: Tom yum Kung soup, hot pot, Thai soy milk.

Dong Yin Gong soup, "dong Yin" means hot and sour, and "gong" means shrimp. This soup, I think is not bad, like sour, spicy and sweet malatang (with soup and vegetables). But most travelers think it tastes strange and don't like it very much.

Besides, said the Thai pot, ingredients with the usual hot pot, but the bottom of the pot was boiling hot water, no salt, no chili, no oil, is unable to entry, but don't eat nothing to eat, this is in Thailand, don't eat only hungry, just when boiled vegetables to eat, when the entire group of people are complaining about hot pot bad was leaving, We each put down another noodle, eat it up! A few years later, the hot pot is still fresh in my mind, not for its delicious, is to admire our eating seriously.

If there is any food in Thailand, it is soybean milk, durian, papaya, small pineapple. Their soy milk, and our milk tea is more like, there are a lot of treasures, the main body or soy milk. But I only drink one cup, left only miss. Thai hotels are generally equipped with a small refrigerator, so, durian, papaya, small pineapple can be bought more, 100 baht a time, enjoyable. The small pineapple, in particular, left a good impression.


Hotel rooms in Thailand are bigger than at home, with all the amenities: safes, mini-fridges. And are seascape room, follow the tour guide during the day, to tell the truth, play has been very tired, but hold the awe of the sea, at five o 'clock in the morning, we insist on getting up early, go to the seaside to watch the sunrise, walk, heart get really empty. In Thailand is the habit of tipping, every morning when leaving the hotel, we will leave a little tip, for this few baht, at the beginning also weigh for a long time, despise themselves.