Is there a difference between wires and cables in solar panels?

Wires and cables are an important part of any electrical system, including photovoltaic systems, and they are different.

Typically, solar panels are mounted on a roof or high ground at a 90-degree angle to the sun's direct sunlight. It is convenient for solar panels to convert solar energy into usable current, and once converted into an electricity resource, wires and cables will carry it to the power unit.

So how to distinguish Wire and Cable? Even though people use the two words interchangeably in everyday life, it doesn't change the fact that they are different. Wire refers to a single conductor (used to connect the components of a photovoltaic system, there are various types. Typically, it connects four components: a solar panel, an inverter, a charge controller and a battery.), a single or solid wire contains a single metal wire core, while a stranded wire consists of a plurality of stranded conductors.

eedf18ccc3992167548201f41fcb708dProtective sheaths insulate single wires, but bare wires are also available. The solid wire type is recommended for static applications, especially for home electrical wiring. For the same bearing capacity, the solid wire has a more compact diameter than the stranded wire. Choosing the right type of wire in a solar PV system is critical to its operation and efficiency, and using the wrong solar wire may not provide the proper voltage, power the electrical unit, or result in the battery bank not being fully charged.

A cable, on the other hand, is a composite material consisting of several wires or conductors held together by a sheath. They can handle high UV radiation, high temperatures, and weather resistance. Typically, they are installed on the outside or inside of solar panels. The diameter of a cable varies depending on the number of conductors it contains. The classification of solar cable is based on the number of wires and their specifications. In general, there are three types of cables used in PV systems. Dc solar power cable, solar power DC main cable, and solar power AC connection cable.