Why do women need adult products so much?

Girls have been taught that sex is shameful and even desire is shameful, so many girls don't communicate this to even the closest husbands, so they certainly don't go out and talk about it.

But now numerous people are trying to instill emotional freedom in everyone, and it's okay to use Sex Doll to satisfy all your feelings and desires. Everyone should learn how to face up to these desires, without trying to suppress emotional needs.

But the other valuable thing is that women are financially independent, which means they can enjoy the single life. It has been mentioned that boys buy houses just to get married and girls buy houses just to not get married.

A lot of people say what does marriage truly do for women? Girls married numerous will lose themselves, only at home to raise children, will not enjoy life, also because pregnant children and soon lose themselves.

​Thus for women in the past, nightlife was all about having children, and there was little idea of enjoyment. Even numerous women will find this is a very torturous thing, because giving birth to a child will be extremely painful. They frequently think that when they applaud love, they are likely to have a baby!

On the other hand, at that time, many women did not protect their cognition, they did not understand the family planning products, thus numerous pregnancies will lead to a very weak body, and may even suffer from gynecological diseases. Even after the one-child policy was introduced, numerous women were required to use the rings, so there was no use for family planning products.

But now, countless women are reluctant to have children. Contemporary youthful people, "single dogs" are extremely numerous, they work every day, and their living cost is extremely steep, rent is very expensive, mortgage and pressure they can't breathe, so they seem to have no mood to talk about marriage and children!

So young people are left to live alone, and single people who live alone are in great need of adult products. Especially during the epidemic, people are not allowed to travel, or not encouraged to travel, they can only stay at home and enjoy life.

And even those who have found a life partner are in desperate need of adult products. Not only can you control whether to have children, but you can double the level of happiness.

Although in the beginning, when it came to adult products, it was generally dominated by boys, but gradually women began to take charge. Women are the main force of online shopping, and many businesses will design some pages specifically for women and design some beautiful and special products to attract women to buy.

And women are becoming more protective of themselves, knowing that even if their partner doesn't use birth control products, they will keep them on hand. After all, when it comes to giving birth, a girl is almost at death's door. And when you have a baby, you have to give up a lot of things for the baby. Many men are selfish. They only know how to enjoy themselves and don't care about the potential harm to women.

And, more importantly, to reduce the risk of infectious disease. Many people do not pay attention to hygiene, only for temporary happiness, make themselves or their partners ill. And most of these diseases are passed from male to female, so women in order to better protect themselves, so more need these products!

As for other products that focus more on enjoyment, many businesses will also pay more attention to the needs of women, after all, women's purchasing power is still quite large. First of all, they will be in the style, the design is cute, or novel, so that women have a visual impact.

Because girls care about their senses, women are more likely to buy something with a high level of appearance. Moreover is the size of the snake comfort problem, many women still have requirements, after all, used in their own body, of course, is in line with their own mind, so most will only be girls to buy, rather than the other half instead of buying.

Thus, women are in great need of adult products. Of course, men need it too, but they may be more confident, or lazy, or even ask their partners to buy it, which means they only account for a third of sales.

And many modern women will have a mentality of not relying on men. Not only because do not want to get married, do not want to suffer from love, so even that aspect of the needs are more willing to rely on their own.

Of course, the other thing is that buying adult products is very private now, and the price is not very expensive.

The adult articles in our country were sold in hospitals before, and of course the price was very expensive. But it is worth mentioning that, although the price is expensive, but at that time or a lot of people buy, at that time is generally male to the hospital to buy.

Where there is a demand, there is a market, so many keen business people began to enter this adult products market, and then every adult products store fresh.

But as I just said, the location of these stores is obscure, and many women are shy, so they only buy men, and the products they buy are generally family planning supplies.

But with the development of the Internet and e-commerce, we don't know who is who, so we won't be embarrassed! And those goods page will tell you, in the express, is not to show you what the supplies are, very private. Netizens will also buy peace of mind!

Online shopping not only avoids the embarrassment of face to face transaction, but also has a wide range of types and styles, and the price is cheaper than the physical store! So shy boys and girls will be very comfortable buying.