Travelogue - A trip to Thailand

I have never been abroad. A colleague called me and invited me to go sightseeing in Thailand. Six people signed up for a tour group in Hunan. At 1 o 'clock on the evening of October 6, 2018, reaching to Thailand by plane, the plane took three hours of the bus to Bangkok hotel through vinny, English name of Venice hotel, is 7 in the morning, Thailand time 6 PM (7 PM, China time 1 hour, behind in Thailand time narrative), all night without sleep, rest after a long time, 1 PM easily visited Bangkok chocolate town. What sounds like a chocolate-selling place is actually a photo-taking, relaxing place, a miniature European-style town. There are outdoor eating, sitting, the windmill at the door, beautiful lights, a variety of scenery bars, props suitable for taking photos, etc. The place with superhuman gas is the leisure and ease of nightlife, and everyone goes back to the hotel after browsing. Feel a poem: night by plane transfer bus, overnight road yao. Drive Law rest and prestige shop, the town scenery is dazzling.

After breakfast, the tour guide Gao Fei (Thai Chinese, also known as Alfei) introduced Thailand's climate in the car, which is divided into hot season, rainy season and cool season. When we arrived, it was rainy season. He said that the character of Thai people is to take things slowly and not worry about anything, such as an airport in Thailand has been built for 46 years. And explained 7 matters to pay attention to: 1, Buddhist cultural sites do not take photos; 2, the sovereign control of the king is high, not allowed to have disrespectful words and behavior; 3, see people greet with hands together; 4, Thai head and shoulder can not touch casually; 5, the first time to meet do not say life; 6. Thailand bans smoking. Offenders are fined 200 baht.

After getting off the bus, you can visit the snake museum. Thailand is the world's largest snake producing country, followed by Brazil. Therefore, they have a unique approach to the treatment and research of snake injuries, the establishment of snake venom research Center, including experts from all over the world to study together, in a leading position in the world. After listening to their story, immediately spent 840 yuan to buy a bottle of Jiedu Dan. It's a real deal. It solves one of my constipation problems. In the afternoon, I will visit the palace temple and the palace hall. Because Thailand is a country with theocracy and a history of more than 700 years, the people are not greedy, and the Kings have the practice of being monks first. When enthroned, they must worship Buddha statues first. 36 people from the Hunan tour group immediately took photos here.

Then the guide took us to enjoy the Chao Phraya River, known as Mother River in Thailand. It originates in the northern mountains of Thailand and flows to the flat areas in the south to form the delta of the Chao Phraya River, which flows into Bangkok Bay and into the Pacific Ocean, with a total length of 1,352 kilometers. As we stepped onto the dragon's tail boat, a woman handed each of us a bunch of lotus flowers and tipped her 20 baht each. The Grand Palace is located on the north bank of the Chao Phraya River, standing at the end of the boat, looking at the Grand Palace more spectacular grand, temples, pagodas shining gold. Such as Jade Buddha Temple, Zheng Wang Temple, Bodhi Temple and so on. There are nearly 10,000 temples in Bangkok, enjoying the reputation of "the land of a thousand Buddhas". Guide introduction: Invasion of Thailand in 1760, the Burmese army, conquer Thai city, king city, due to the Thailand is a vassal state of China, the tribute to China every year, so Chinese sent army to assist the Thai army fought Zheng Zhao rate, recovered the big city, establish thonburi dynasty, Zheng Zhao, is recommended as the king of Thailand, the past 15 years, to discipline its merit, the Thai people to build the city temple. Chant a poem: Jade Emperor temple Temple plastic body, devout to Buddha wide benevolence. The foundation of governance is based on people, and the combination of church and state is good for the people.

On the boat, tourists throw bread into the river and fish compete to eat it. Chao Phraya River fish are released, can not hunt, over time to form such a spectacular scene. There are high-rise buildings on the Chao Phraya River, Sora bridge, bridge, water homes and so on.

On THE MORNING OF October 9TH, WE WENT TO THE DUTY-FREE SHOPPING MALL TO see the SPECIAL products OF RED AND blue TOPAZ, pearls, diamonds, NECKlaces, CROCODILE leather and ELEPHANT leather. Everything you need. I bought a small wallet and a belt with more than 900 RMB. The 3-DAY TOUR OF Bangkok is really EYE-opening, he is the political and cultural center of the Thai capital, taking Buddha's mercy as his heart, not easy to kill, although Thai families have guns, but everyone gets along harmoniously, to give people enlightenment.

Afternoon DRIVE Batiya, THIS is a charming place to play, known for the sun, sand, seafood, is a world famous seaside resort. We experienced the taste of elephant riding, horse-drawn carriage riding, crocodile fishing. It was built in 2000 and covers an area of 3,200 square meters. It was built by Chia Dhanin, chairman of CP Group, to celebrate his mother's 80th birthday. After her stepmother died, she donated it to the Thai government and opened it as a tourist attraction. The manor style extraordinary, carved beams and painted buildings, highlight luxury. Standing in the viewing platform overlooking, the blue sea sky, islands, boat point, let a person is very shocking. Fine art is beautiful to behold. There is a poem said: Kanzan overseas Chinese ambition Ang, for the charity birthday Gai Huatang. In this mother donated to the country, leave a good name Wangu Yang.

In THE MORNING OF October 10, THE GOLDEN BAY OF THE Pacific CORNER PLAYS, ACCORDING TO THE PROVISIONS OF THE PEOPLE UNDER 49 YEARS old can sit in the air parachute, floating in the sea is very exciting. We 13 people signed up to visit the submarine dragon Palace, wearing oxygen caps, under the guidance of sea rangers to dive to the bottom of the sea, we linked hands together, walking on the bottom of the sea, to see the small fish freely flying, underwater coral forest, do not have a world, feeling a poem: exploration of the sea underwater line, guide led to the maze. Fish and shrimp everywhere coral stand, did not see the dragon King patrol.

After LUNCH IN Golden Bay, we went to the seaside to swim freely, because of the rapid undercurrent in the water. Then I went to Thailand to see the Songkran Festival. There were many people in our team to participate in the water splashing activities and personally experience the feelings. It is said that Thailand water festival has a history, according to the tour guide, Thailand is a tropical area. When hot season, the temperature as high as 45 degrees, in the past, no air conditioning, electric fan, hot, so use cold water to cool, and people from each other over heat hydrolysis, time has become a custom that people later in order to commemorate, is scheduled for April 13 for the water-sprinkling festival, on that day people whether you know or don't know, can be to pour water, don't angry, become a kind of custom, very tasteful. There is a poem for praise: suffering in hot season, splash water to cool the body to relieve heat inflammation. Since then, it has become the custom of the people, every year to remember the madness of joy.

Then I went to the Batya Hua Hin ferry boat to have dinner while watching the performance of the transvestite. Many people took photos of the transvestite with each other, 40 baht for a photo with one person, 80 baht for two people, and so on. Transvestite is poor, poor families, were born in Thailand for Thailand is open country, also is polygamy, woman is easy to make money, men, who are hard to find a career, so the poor children from the age of 2 will be sent to do transvestite, hormone medicine, removal of organs, because often eat estrogen, accumulate in the body of toxins can't discharge, life expectancy is only 40 to 50 years old, In recent years, THE research center of Thai snake venom invented JIedu Dan, which is eaten by the demon and excreted toxins in the body. It can live to more than 60 years old, which is a good news. With the development of tourism, transvestite people earn a lot of money, feeling a poem: Thailand transvestite world Yang, male body change female dance crazy. Who knows behind the bitter tears, life is short never Ding lonely taste.

After seeing the ladyboy, the guide will take you to Shark Fin Seafood City to taste shark fin and bird's nest. This is one of the highlights of Thailand. Add SEASONING AND BRAISE THE SHARK'S FIN IN a small bowl UNTIL cooked. Add 1 egg, onion and garlic and stir well while hot. Bird's nest is boiled into coconut water, and a little honey stirred very delicious. Watch the adult show, the performance of male and female naked dance, reflecting the characteristics of Thailand's sexual openness. It started in the 40's when the American soldiers came to Thailand and started playing with women all day long and setting up fun places. Feeling a poem: primitive ape naked light, cloak soak up the rain clothes. Now performing restored appearance, open style characteristics Yang.

On the morning of October 11th, we visited the Rubber Products Exhibition Center. North of Thailand and China is adjacent to Myanmar, Laos, the Golden Triangle area, Thailand's rubber, fragrant rice famous in the world. Rubber needs to grow for 5-7 years before glue can be produced. It has the characteristics of elasticity, stability, wear resistance and high temperature resistance. The latex pillows and mattresses produced are soft and comfortable, so I bought a pair of pillows, 1390 yuan. A poem for praise: short life dozens of autumn, half the time sleep rest. For a healthy body, use latex. Mattress soft ventilation is good, pillow prevention and treatment to vertebra sorrow. Shu tendons and activate collars also remove mites, excellent quality first class. Walking into the silk shopping mall, silk originally originated in China, but Thailand is rising rapidly. According to the guide, in an international silk promotion fair, a large number of Chinese people bought silk products from foreign countries, which shows that silk has adopted advanced technology, exquisite workmanship and high quality abroad. Seeing their silk pouring water on the wadding does not leak, the quality is excellent, the price is reasonable, and buy silk and cotton wadding is 1 set, 2365 yuan.

Visit the floating market. Thailand has a huge wealth gap, land is private and permanent. Poor families have no land to build houses, so they have to build houses on the water, because the water is not charged any fees, so the shallow beach has become the shelter of the poor. Later Thailand vigorously develop tourism, the government unified collection as a tourist attraction display. It's all shops, and below the water is a small wooden house supported by wooden posts, now cement posts. One after another into a large area, become each small street, lively. Out of the floating market, I went to the fruit market to taste various Thai fruits, such as confectionery, durian, etc. I have never seen before. Then go to worship Buddha, this is the place where the Thai people are extremely respected, each holding 12 incense, to each Buddha kneeling before the Buddha, can ask for wealth, promotion, for children, health, etc., the guide told us a magical true story.

Boxing champion Li Incorrupt once won the championship in the Thai boxing competition, and was welcomed by the Thai boxing fighters. He invited them to drink and worship them as sworn brothers. And took the incorruptible to worship Buddha, for him to apply for a talisman - Buddha beads, hung in front of the chest. After visiting Thailand for some time, I went to other countries, accompanied by Buddhist beads from time to time. Three years, li clean to Hong Kong, meet partner went to the seaside to swim, walk to think halfway with the beads in the water is not convenient, so back to the hotel put beads in the room and then go to the beach, just out of the hotel, on the road and see many people running around, ask to know is the sudden tsunami, with the original people drowned, li clean from doom,...... beads bless him, So he went back to Thailand and built a Thai temple. In this incense heyday, passed as a story. Hunan tourism group led by Tonna prepared tickets for us, into the "Dragon and Phoenix Battle" boxing ring, watched the boxing show. The tropical heat, a boxing duel, the sweating, the panting, the show is hard work.

See Bird's Nest Cave and taste bird's nest porridge on Oct 12. Swiftlets live on the cliffs of the island. We see the artificial simulation of bird's nest holes. We see the hardships of plucking by workers, and know that bird's nest is not easy to come by. Swiftlet nest is a rare tonic, because of the rare, high price, later people invented artificial bird nest, called the black swallow nest, although not as good as the wild bird nest, but also a good tonic. Price 60-100 yuan 1 gram, many people are buying, I also bought 10 grams. A poem: swiftlet puffin hole hiding, picking hard life died. Once the rich could taste, now everyone can taste.

See the Mineral Museum. Sit on the small light rail, into the hole, saw the whole process of quarrying workers. The first unearthed ore, is mixed coarse stone, to wash the soil, sorting, classification, and then carefully carved, for the plate of jade. The red and blue topaz, pearl jade and diamond seen in the shopping mall are all from the hard sweat of the workers. There is a poem: ride into the hole view simulation, gem deep mining difficult, how many workers sweat rain, just have the view of bling.

The six-day trip to Thailand was fruitful and filled with emotion. First, the Thai people are broad-minded, compassionate and run the country in the spirit of Buddha. They have naturally given up selfishness and greed and are committed to clean government. Second, they are both rich and expensive. The rich of Thai people are earned by legitimate means. They never fight for resources and interests with the poor, so it seems expensive. Unlike some corrupt officials in China, they often fight for the interests of the common people. Such as low-rent housing, the rich often take advantage of, this is rich but not expensive. Third, happiness index is high, Thailand medical and pharmaceutical fees free, primary school to high school fees free. Fourth, don't panic, don't worry, be kind. If they eat a meal, they eat it for an hour, chewing it slowly and swallowing it. It's not like we Wolf it down and eat it in 10 minutes or so. They are not easy to kill, do not engage in family planning, people ill less than forced not to operate. We get along well and never fight each other for trifles. It is worth learning from.