Top 4 travel themes that tell you how to enjoy the UK

The full name of the United Kingdom is the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England are four different parts of the United Kingdom. They are all British territories.

According to the characteristics of scenic spots in various regions of the UK, you can divide the tour into four major tour series. The itinerary can be combined according to your own time and preferences.

Part1: The Department of a prestigious College

1. University of Oxford

Oxford and Cambridge deserve to be the representative of Britain's famous universities. If you go to Oxford, Christ Church College (where the Harry Potter canteen is filmed) is definitely the first place to go.

Check out the famous colleges: Deer Park in Magdalen, New College, and the back garden of Trinity, the sparsely populated but beautiful Worcester. Look at the library and so on.

If you are lucky enough to catch the annual matriculation you can see the town full of students wearing robes.

2. University of Cambridge

Taking a boat tour on The River CAM is a must-visit to Cambridge. As early as 1702, this traditional activity was called Punting in The local area, which means drifting around The river landscape of Cambridge University and enjoying The world-famous College Backs.

On the way through Mathematical Bridge, Queen's College, King's Bridge, Trinity College, Bridge of Sighs, Grey Bridge and other scenic spots, beautiful scenery woven, scenery infinite.

Part2: Royal Attractions

The British royal family is one of the oldest living royal families in the world, and the royal family story is always a hot topic, so where they live is no secret.

In Britain, you can "visit" all the royal residences.

1. Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace is one of the most recognizable landmarks in Britain. It is also the Queen's office and official residence.

The Queen usually opens her official residence to the public in August and September each year, when you'll have the chance to see the lavish state halls and treasures from the Royal Collection. Of course, witnessing the changing of the Guard in front of Buckingham Palace was a surprise!

2. Kensington Palace

Many members of the royal family have lived there, including Queen Victoria, Diana, Princess of Wales, and now Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, and Kate, Duchess of Cambridge.

Visit the palace to learn about Victoria's own life story from the exhibition Victoria Revealed; Get a taste of the modern princess's past at a special exhibition featuring some of Diana's outfits...

3. Windsor Castle

With a history of more than 900 years, Windsor Castle is the family castle of the Windsor Dynasty of the British royal family. It is also the largest inhabited castle in the world. The Queen spends a considerable amount of time here every year. The castle is divided into upper, middle and lower areas, and contains countless treasures of the British royal family!

Of course, if you have time, you can also enjoy the town of Windsor, where Windsor Castle is located. There are many places worth visiting here, such as the famous Eton College, the Royal Jockey Club and so on.

When time permits, major royal weddings are held at Westminster Abbey, the Tower of London, and the Palace of Holyroodhouse, the Queen's official residence in Scotland.

Balmoral Castle, which is open to the public from April to July, and from April to November, the royal palaces, gardens and museums are open to the public. Hampton Court and Sandringham, known as the Versailles of Britain, are also on the agenda.

Part3: Natural Scenery Department

1. Stonehenge

Planning a trip to the UK, Stonehenge will certainly be on your itinerary, mainly because it is so famous that it is equivalent to the Great Wall of China. The placement of each stone pillar of Stonehenge has excellent astronomical significance, so it is also a famous cultural temple site of prehistoric times in Europe.

2. Loch Ness

Loch Ness, which is mysterious because of the "monster" rumors, must also be the place to clock in. Although the water monster rumors are proved to be rumors, this third largest freshwater lake in the UK is definitely worth a visit in person.

3. The Scottish Highlands

The Scottish Highlands, the last stronghold of the Ice Age, have no distinctive character of their own like other hills, and are covered with low, gently undulating green grass and moss. The vulgarity of the landscape has its own unique magic, it has its own special personality. Boundless purple is different from the flowery of mountain flowers in full bloom, and more like a kind of almost in full bloom of despair.

4. Isle of Skye

Sky Island is the largest island in the Hebrides, Scotland. It has all the mountain scenery, lakes, mountains and oceans you want. Away from the hustle and bustle but also lively, if you need a place to relax and forget about the secular, then come to the nearest place to the sky.

5. Giants Causeway

The Giant's Causeway is located on the Atlantic coast about 80 kilometers from Belfast. Legend has it that an ancient Irish giant fought a Scottish giant on a causeway leading to Scotland. The route of the giant totals about 40,000 natural hexagonal stone columns, about 8 kilometers, the stone columns extending into the sea in the shape of a ladder, magnificent, magnificent.

Part4: The City and Town Department

This series is our favorite ~

1. London's British style

London not only has many world-famous buildings and historic sites, but also has a very rich cultural and artistic activities. So when you travel to the UK, make sure you spend a few days and get a feel for London.

You can go to the British Museum to see treasures from around the world collected by the former Empire that never sets, or stroll along the Thames, walk over Tower Bridge and have your picture taken with the best view of the London Eye...

You must also go to Coppa Club, the most beautiful Glass House restaurant in London, to enjoy a 180-degree night view of the River Thames.

2. Savor the elegance of a walk in Edinburgh

Known as the "Athens of the North", the mountain city of Edinburgh is not only the capital of Scotland, but also a leading cultural and historical center and tourist city.

You can experience the vicissitudes of history at Edinburgh Castle, or explore Edinburgh's history along the Royal Mile.

Museums, art galleries and old Scotch pubs abound; It also hosts the famous Edinburgh International Festival every August, with a dizzying array of dramatic performances.

3. Look for the Beatles in Liverpool

Liverpool is one of the best cities to visit in the UK. The most important thing to do in Liverpool is to find the Beatles.

All four members of the Beatles were born, raised and began their musical careers here. Whether you're a fan or not, you can feel the band's greatness at places like the Beatles Museum.

4. Go to Bath to experience the classical elegance and idyllic scenery

Bath is a small town with only 100,000 people and not many tall buildings. The town exudes classic English elegance and ease from the inside out. It contains the remains of ancient Roman thermal baths:

There is also the style of King George's architecture, more beautiful rural scenery... Bath is the place to be if you want to enjoy a quiet English town.

5. Manchester Premier League

You may say that you are not a football fan, but to be honest, even if you are not a football fan, watching a football match in England is definitely an unforgettable experience because you can deeply understand how important football is to the English people.

You can go to Old Trafford in Manchester, you can go to the Emirates Stadium in London... This kind of original experience is definitely not the most enjoyable ~

6. Go to York to enjoy the charm of ancient England

York is the most unique of those cities in England. There is a long history here, there are still well preserved classic buildings and medieval streets, here is filled with the old British style.

In other words, the quaint city is a testament to the history of the United Kingdom, and it's a good place to visit such ancient buildings as York Minster and Castle Howard (where Jay Chou's wedding took place).