What kind of metal stamping manufacturers loved by customers?

In the 21st century, with the rapid development of science and technology, the automobile and electronic industries are thriving, and the precision and quality requirements of hardware parts are also higher and higher. When CHOOSING hardware accessories, I believe you are looking forward to finding product quality, brand strength, scale and your company matching hardware processing metal stamping part manufactureras partners. So how do we find this kind of manufacturer? We can choose from the following aspects.

I. Production experience:

Generally speaking, manufacturers with rich experience are the first choice for cooperation. Its own strength is hard enough to stand for many years. It is recommended to choose a company with a long history and a specialized field.

77118bbd6b68aa937e6469f4b653f42f2. Design ability:

A good factory should not just be a contract factory. But after a certain amount of processing experience, precipitation of capital to seek new technology, research and development, the company's design ability is also very important. Work with companies that have design capabilities, communicate with each other, and make progress together.

Three, production capacity:

For example, the speed and quality of proofing, the design and processing of molding, the efficiency and quality of production, and the system capacity of the whole factory. If the qualification is long enough and the design ability is excellent, but the production speed is insufficient or the scale does not match with what your company wants, then it is not a good choice. Therefore, it is necessary to investigate in many aspects.

Four, service capacity:

Long-term happy cooperation, not only order - delivery is so simple, from communication to design to template to mold to all aspects of communication. If the service capacity can not keep up, or will cause the impact of work. Excellent companies, since a complete set of service processes, from all aspects of the details have been considered. For example: early communication - design - quotation - sample production - sample testing - sample evaluation - formal production - finished product inspection - inventory management - pre-shipment inspection - packaging and transportation - delivery payment.