What characteristics do metal stamping parts need to have?

Metal stamping parts are widely used in every corner of life, such as daily household, industrial manufacturing, automotive manufacturing. Because of its wide use, the coverage of the field is also more, which also causes the metal stamping parts of the variety to be relatively wide. Next, let's learn about the hardware stamping parts related knowledge!

Hardware stamping parts at first is the metal or nonmetal sheet metal, metal stamping, with the aid of the pressure of the press, via the process of stamping die stamping forming processing, metal stamping parts is the premise of the material loss, metal stamping production process, the coining out, metal stamping mold problem, heavy weight, good stiffness, its parts and sheet metal course after plastic deformation, The internal structure of the metal has been modified, so that the strength of metal stamping parts has improved.

In the design of Metal Stamping China parts, in addition to the design of metal stamping parts can meet the requirements of product use, but also to ensure the metal stamping parts of the process. The so-called process of stamping parts refers to the adaptability of stamping parts to the stamping process, that is, the design of stamping parts in the structure of shape, dimensional accuracy and other aspects can meet the requirements of stamping processing technology.

957851a503d5b2b9100686d0ed916a38Therefore, in the design of stamping parts, according to the product technology, follow the following design principles:

1. Metal stamping parts must meet the product use and technical performance, and can be easy to assemble and repair.

2 metal stamping parts must be conducive to improve the utilization rate of materials, reduce the variety and specifications of materials, in the case of allowing the use of cheap materials.

3 hardware stamping parts must be simple shape, reasonable structure, in order to simplify the structure of the die, optimize the number of processes, that is to say, the least, the simplest stamping process to complete the processing of the whole part. As far as possible, no longer with other methods of processing, and is conducive to stamping operation, it is easy to realize mechanization and automation of production organization, in order to improve labor productivity.

Metal stamping parts have higher dimensional accuracy, and the same mold size average difference, have better exchange. It can meet the requirements of ordinary disassembly and utilization without further machine equipment processing. Shenzhen TUOQI HARDWARE PRODUCTS CO., Ltd. mainly produces metal stamping parts, springs, automatic lathes, etc., The metal stamping parts mentioned above is one of the company's main products, complete models, a wide range of fine designs.