5 items instead of pins

Now the mobile phones we use are smart phones, mobile phone cards are in the side card slot. When buying a mobile phone, will give a card needle, but under normal circumstances it is the first time to use the card, and then for a long time do not know where to throw. ​However, one day I suddenly wanted to change the Pr phone cards but can not find the card needle how to do it.​

Here are 6 alternatives to a stuck pin.​

1. Paper clips
A paper clip is a great tool for securing documents, as a hook, for decorating, for cleaning nails, for forking food, etc. Of course, it can also be used instead of a clip. Straighten the paper clip and stick it straight. Of course, there are other kinds of needles like pins, sewing needles, embroidery needles, paper clips, and so on.

8f7a14652cc14dbdd5c9093d19defab82, toothpicks​
Toothpicks, being thin and long, can also be used as a tool in place of pins, but they have the obvious disadvantage of breaking easily and being a bit thick for the holes where the cards are taken. So the toothpick needs to be dealt with. You can take a knife to cut the front end a little bit so that you can use it, but also pay attention to the hand when stabbing try to pinch the front end, to slowly use strength, otherwise it is not easy to deal with the broken.

4, the tip
In fact, many nibs are relatively thin, once I also couldn't find the card needle, so I remembered the cherry blossom pen I used. The needle in front is very thin and the length is similar, so I tried and really succeeded, but it is a pity that my pen writing is not good. In fact, a 0.35 neutral pen will also work.

5. Staples
Not all staples can be used instead of pins. The most commonly used staples are thin and flat, which you will find impossible to use. They are still too thick for the phone hole.

Instead of a pin, a staple should be taken from a book or magazine that you have bought. This staple is a thin, round one that is good for picking up cards.