Walking, is a way to the heart

Some people say that walking is not a simple sport, but a kind of spiritual practice, cultivating a heart, walking on a road, and the end of the road is wisdom.

In life, we will have such troubles, with countless interests, with countless entanglements;

While hiking, what you have is a firm heart to move forward, strange and beautiful scenery along the way, a group of like-minded friends, feel the fun of hiking together!


Hiking is a kind of experience and pursuit.

Life is to experience, to know what you want to live, the pursuit of the ideal.

In the process of walking, wash away the usual troubles, return to the embrace of nature, so that the heart can temporarily calm. In the quiet world, the heart is firm to move forward, the heart has no distractions, the heart is rich.

Some people say that the fun of hiking is to explore, explore the unknown ahead, explore the distant scenery, maybe bring us casual surprise. You never know what you might meet, learn, or feel on the road.

Walking, let you away from the real life, escape from the tedious life, let you walk in the experience of another life, feel the freedom of body and mind. The reason why I am addicted to hiking is actually more about the pursuit of freedom and yearning for life.


While hiking, we can look into our own inner world.

In this world, we need to face many things, but sometimes only dare not face themselves.

In the hiking road, there is no means of transport, step by step, only rely on their own legs step by step forward. On the long journey, it is also a process of self-recognition, but also a spiritual practice of the inner world.

There are many problems that trouble us in life and can't be solved. In walking, we can face up to these problems, have the courage to face many perplexities in our hearts, find answers in walking and return to ourselves.

Face up to yourself, open up the inner world, have the courage to face their own problems. Walking may not solve the real problem, but it can open the door to solve the problem.

Heart firm direction, the road of life is smooth.


In hiking, talk to your true self.

Everyone in life is forced to be a pretender. In order to live, the most true side of their own hidden, in order to adapt to the society, so that they become sophisticated. Some people say, live to live, but forget the true self.

Walking allows you to see yourself, listen to the most authentic voice in your heart, and feel the purest self. In this journey of measuring with your feet, you can meet the most authentic self, feel pure beauty, and become your ideal appearance.

Walking, breathing the pure air, watching the colorful world and talking with the real heart, you will realize the meaning of walking.

Meet the beautiful world, find the true self, I think this is why to go hiking the best answer.

Walking, is a way to the heart


Walking, can teach you a lot of life truth, understand the meaning of life.

When you hike to the top of the mountain, you have the vast ocean in front of you and the mountains behind you, and the sight, the magnificence, of the power of nature and the insignificance of man.

When you walk in the desolate gobi Desert, the endless desolation and loneliness will make you realize the value of life and make you summon up the courage to get out of the predicament.

When you walk in no man's land, in the mountains and wilderness, you will know that perseverance, courage is the answer to all the problems of life.

In the hiking, the fatigue of the body burnishes the will of the spirit, and we learn "restraint" on the way forward. Use the footsteps to feel the real voice in your heart, give yourself the most powerful power, let yourself move forward without fear.

In hiking, we can understand a truth, everyone is a trapped animal in their own life, but also a hero.


Although walking is a walk outward, it is to the heart of conversion.

To go hiking, to walk outside, to see different scenery, to meet different people, this is actually a process of meeting yourself. You don't know what will happen in the future, set out with expectation or fear, and then meet your own courage, curiosity, quiet, fear, strong in the way of stop-and-go... To find the answers within yourself.

If you have experienced ascetic behavior, you will know that you can be so strong, in the future to face other things can be more calm, calm.

Some people say that the purpose of hiking is not "suffering", not "action", but "repair", repair is your character and tolerance before setting out, repair is your calm and quiet on the way, repair is your gain and loss after the end!

Although hiking is an outward departure, in fact, it is more of a spiritual practice. Every step you take is a process of personal growth and understanding.

Jonathan Lee said: life is not in vain, every step counts.


Life is also a walk, always on the road.

Some people say that life is a journey, always on the road from beginning to end. In fact, life is more like a walk, this life to face the future, to meet all kinds of challenges, through their own efforts, to harvest the ideal life.

Hiking is also the same, unknown ahead, all kinds of uncertain factors, only their own firm belief, courage, in order to set foot on the ideal distance, in order to harvest the most beautiful scenery.

It is also said that people who like hiking do not necessarily fall in love with the scenery, but enjoy the freedom and mood when hiking.

Sometimes hiking is also a kind of emotional release and vent, back backpack, will be a little bit lost in the way. Some love and hate, some people and things, life pressure and trouble, etc., on the way, on the way, a little dissipated, then dissipated...

In hiking, people not only walk the road, but also a little freedom, a little dream, a little relief, a little release, a little passion, a little story that can not be told to others...

To be a traveller on foot, to stay, not waiting for cars, not waiting for people, only to see the scenery, only to understand life.

Walking, once started, there is no end.