Travel is an addiction you can't get rid of

Probably the hardest question in the world is "Why do you travel?" Because every trip has a different reason, happy, sad, or no reason at all. However, if I don't travel, I feel that there are less unexplained and unbroken obsession in my life.

Travel is a kind of incurable disease, only in the way of travel, you will feel truly free, you will feel truly alive, this is the real yourself, relaxed, free, throw away all the unhappiness and troubles, can truly happy.

Only when you travel can you truly hear your inner voice. Remove the impetuous city, quiet to enjoy the beauty of nature. Here are some words ☟☟☟ that I hope will fuel your inner desire to travel.

Henry Miller said:

The purpose of our journey has never been a geographical term, but to acquire a new perspective on things. I think the beginning of aging is not the wrinkles around the eyes or the gray hairs on the head, but the fact that one begins to find it harder and harder to accept new ideas and things.

There's a gypsy ballad that says:

Time is used to stray, the body is used to love, life is used to forget, and the soul is used to sing.

Goethe once said:

"People love to travel, not to reach their destination, but to enjoy the journey."

Montaigne once said:

Travel in my opinion is still a very useful exercise, the mind in the implementation of new unknown things constantly activities.

Pleshvara once said:

Through travel, we can be sure that there are national boundaries between nations and that human stupidity knows no boundaries.

Augustinian said:

The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.

Travel is an addiction you can't get rid ofSaadi once said:

Travel has many benefits: freshness; See and hear wide open; See the joy of the new city; Meeting strange friends; Can learn all kinds of elegant manners.

Bacon once said:

For young people, travel is part of education; For older people, travel is part of the experience.

Goldoni once said:

Those who never go out must be full of prejudice.

Luo Qing once said:

Once in a while, it's good to take time out for a walk. Because you never know what you might meet along the way.

Jack London, The High Road:

"I lie down to a newspaper as a pillow. High above me, will be the stars in the blink of an eye, and when the train curve, the constellation of the up and down with arc, looked at them, I fell asleep. Today is over - all day in my life in a day, tomorrow will be a new day again, but I am still young."

There's a line in Cinema Paradiso:

If you don't travel around, you 'd think this is the world.

City Illustrated says:

Let's get on the road and don't talk about it at each other's funerals one day. I wish WE'd been there.

Mark Twain once said:

Travel is the best antidote to hatred and ignorance.

Yu Guangzhong once said:

The point of travel is not to tell people, "I've been here." It's a change. Travel changes one's temperament and makes one see the long term. As you travel, you will see different people with different habits, and you will realize that not everyone lives your way. In this way, one's mind will become broader; In this way, we will be in a better attitude to face their own life.

Sanmao once said:

The true joy of travel lies not in the destination but in the journey. It is a great pleasure for me to meet different people, encounter strange things, overcome all kinds of difficulties and listen to different languages. There is a world in sand and a heaven in flowers. What's more, the world is not only a sand and a flower, the world is a number of wonderful phenomena accumulated. I see, I hear, my experience is richer.

The scenery on the road began to recede, the breeze in front of more and more fresh, life can not have two times, but many people are not good at spending even a time. We have to learn to live each day better and become more mature.

Work is not good, life is not good, you can encounter all the unhappy, you can throw in the journey, nature is so tolerant

Han Han once said:

Such a journey in my youth has been fantasized countless times, night in the national highway, I took his dream woman, driving his dream car, to the end of the unknown journey. The unknown journey has no end. No fatigue or sleepiness, we talked about movies and music, traversed mountains and jungles, and finally stopped by an empty lake, a clean and cheap hotel run by people with no economic sense at all.

Chen Guo once said:

There were so many people around that we were indifferent to them. Many of us like to travel. Why? Because we were hoping to find a place where no one would be and go into self-exile. Why do we avoid people? Because lonely people are funny. Loneliness is my self-seeking pastime.

Proust once said:

Think about it, because of our laziness, always thinking about the coming days, do what can drag drag, unexpectedly sent so many plans, travel, love, the exploration of life did not see the implementation! When the worst comes to the worst, we do nothing, and we find ourselves back in the routine of everyday mediocrity, our desire to live exhausted.

The world is big and new things are happening everywhere. In this life, you should not just be satisfied with living in the local area. Instead, you should use your young time, physical strength and financial resources to visit the largest area of the earth.