Which is more suitable for long-term self-drive travel or high-speed national highway?

Travel is a very happy thing, especially self-driving, free to enjoy a comfortable life everyone is yearning, but sometimes even so, there are many choices, where to eat and where to live, which scenic spots to go and how to plan the route, thinking of these problems is also very headache.

Many friends ask me, do you take more national roads or highways when you go out? What are the advantages and disadvantages? These are the contradictions and entanglements in our choice of route. Today I would like to share with you my views on the issue of national highways and highways.

In fact, we go out or take the national road, the reason is also very simple, when taking the national road can make the travel slow down, to appreciate the roadside scenery, and parking is relatively convenient, walking through the streets into the ancient village many high-speed is also impossible to do directly. This parking to be convenient must be many friends have deep experience, because it is difficult to park or even give up a scenic spot, because it is difficult to park and even go out are not willing to drive, driving on the national highway this problem will be relatively easy to solve.

If you take the highway, the landscape will be relatively monotonous. The difference is two lanes or four lanes. More of that experience is the pleasure of driving. But there is no doubt that high speed is very convenient and fast. If you are in a hurry to get to the next station, high speed is a good choice.

There is also the issue of cost, some people say that because of the high speed charge, so choose to take the national road, I would like to talk about my views. Depending on the condition of the highway, the toll per kilometer is between 3 cents and 1 yuan.

National roads, by contrast, are rarely tolled, free except for certain Bridges, tunnels and some first-class roads. But the distance between the two national road is often longer than the highway, the road condition is worse, fuel consumption will also improve. It takes about twice as long as high speed.

Which is more suitable for long-term self-drive travel or high-speed national highway?In addition, there will be all kinds of unexpected things happen on national roads. We have encountered many things in the past two years. For example, due to the unpredictable road construction, we went to national roads at midnight to puncture the fetus and suffered half a night's suffering. Like walking on a national highway when big cars drop rocks and smash windshields. Debris on the road was splashed and scratched the car door, and kids threw rocks at the car. There are a lot of things that you don't think are possible, but we happen to encounter them on the national highway.

Add up the higher fuel consumption, vehicle maintenance costs, add up the number of days to travel accommodation costs, the overall cost of this calculation, it is found that the cost of taking the national road is higher than taking the highway. So if you're trying to save money by taking the national road, I'm talking about long distances.

Of course, it is not absolutely suitable for high-speed travel is to see the scenery. Another situation is that this national road is a landscape avenue, very famous, it goes without saying, as a tourist lover is not to be missed, if you can walk all the way, it seems to add some sense of achievement arises spontaneously.

Another is remote areas that do not have high-speed conditions, such as 331 National Highway in the northeast of Inner Mongolia, 219 National Highway in Ngari, Tibet, and 217 national Highway through The Tianshan Mountains. Such national roads are also the most interesting and often the most beautiful places for me. Everyone has no choice, more people, relatively speaking, security and supporting services will do better.

There is also a highway that I would not miss, such as one with world-famous Bridges, one that has overcome many geographical limitations and created many miracles. For example, the G7 expressway to Xinjiang, the Dema Expressway in Qinghai, and the Yaxi Expressway in western Sichuan. Because walking on such a highway, the mood is different, full of pride arises spontaneously.

To sum up, my suggestions on high-speed and national roads are as follows:

1. Don't be forced to take national roads just to save money.

2. Do your homework. Know what's worth visiting and plan your route wisely.

3. Use well-known roads, whether national or highway.