The city of romance, the four must-see attractions in France

France is one of the most popular tourist countries in the world. Romantic Paris stands for love, and the diverse landscape, intoxicating wine and comfortable life attract many tourists.

Azure coast

The Cote d 'Azur is the most famous coast in France. There are several beautiful small towns in the surrounding Cote d 'Azur region that are well worth seeing. One of them, Eze, is a medieval town about 20km north of Nice on the road to Monaco. Standing at its top of more than 600 meters, you can have a bird's eye view of most of the Cote d 'Azur, the scenery is very spectacular. Another town, Antibes, is 15 kilometers west of Nice. Perfume town Grasse (Grasse), is the world's most famous perfume raw material supply, the legendary Chanel No.5 was born here. Grasse holds two flower festivals and an international Rose fair every year.

Ji pooh

Giverny is located in the province of Haut-Normandy, 70 kilometers due west of Paris, on a hillside in the Seine Valley, surrounded by lush woods and green pastures. In front of the village is a slightly sloping open land that extends to the river Seine. The Monet House and Garden is located in the eastern part of Giverny village, where Monet lived and worked for the rest of his life. The garden cleverly draws water from the nearby Epte River into the garden to form a small pond. Monet filled a pond with water lilies and installed a famous Nihonbashe bridge (which often appears in his paintings), a gorgeous and exotic scene with endless changes of light and shadow that inspired his art.

The city of romance, the four must-see attractions in Francebordeaux

There is the Grand Theatre, a replica of the Paris National Opera. Across the street is the House of Bordeaux, where you can get information about Bordeaux wines. L 'Ecole Du Vin, the wine school of the Bordeaux Wine Market Association (CIVB), also offers a few hours to a few days of Bordeaux wine courses for wine travellers interested in learning about the grape. There are also a number of wine tour routes, wine tasting tourists at the same time sightseeing. Bordeaux's most famous pilgrimage site, Saint-Emilion, is not to be missed. Many tourists fall in love with the ancient street stone lanes of the thick ancient style.


Here is the heaven of champagne lovers, champagne area is located in the east of Paris, less than 200 kilometers of place, it is a French wine is one of the most famous three districts, champagne region is the home of champagne, according to the French law can only be called champagne region produces champagne champagne and other region produces the same kind of wine can only be called "foaming wine". Champagne lovers should not miss this place.