What should I do when visiting Italy for the first time?

Italy is really a country with rich tourism resources, and I really want to visit it more.

It is a pity that the tourist visa for Italy has not been opened yet, and the fun of visiting Italy is much less under the epidemic.

To travel to Italy for the first time, of the things I need to pay attention to and ordinary travel about, is pay attention to personal safety and property safety, here will let me share a few little detail: be careful scalpers Italy many famous scenic spots, after all, is a country with the largest, the world's cultural heritage (as 21 years has 57 place).

What should I do when visiting Italy for the first time

Because of the rich tourism resources, is a very good tourism environment developed country, scenic area at the gate of a long queue is not a rare thing. Standing in line for three or four hours to get into the Vatican, to see the Colosseum, is nothing new. That sounds scary, more crowded than the Great Wall on holidays... So some people don't want to queue up, and some people want to make money from those who don't want to queue up, so they "raise" a lot of scalpers... The scalpers can also rent a storefront and package it up as a "travel agency", offering tourists "no lines and access to closed attractions". Sounds great, right?

In the Vatican, for example, one person, full fare, 78 euros, preferential student card, 58 euros for students, 18 euros for children, thank you. And how much does a real ticket cost? 17 euros for full fare, 9 euros for students.

What should I do when visiting Italy for the first time

If you have a credit card, you can book tickets online. The fee is 4 euros, and the queue takes about 40 minutes. The same is true for the Colosseum, with regular tickets at 12 euros, students at 7.50 euros and children free. In the hands of the scalpers, that is to go up at around 40 euros.

Avoiding the queue is just a matter of buying a Roma Pass (you can book it online in China and pick up your ticket at the Roma Pass offline counter, as well as using your bus ticket), standing in line for about 40 minutes with your Roma Pass and paying with your credit card. Chinese restaurants are really expensive, and in order to cater to foreigners' tastes, "Chinese food" has become very strange. Plus the Chinese restaurant, when you see the Chinese people, some do not want to accept your cash, but let you pay alipay.

No matter what the exchange rate is, it's always 8. If the Chinese don't pit the Chinese, who will they pit? Watch out for "falling objects" is an Italian anecdote that our teacher shared with us. It's much better now, but it still happens in some smaller cities. Do not stay near the underpass.

What should I do when visiting Italy for the first time

You never know what the weirdest thing is going to fall from your head. The worst part is that kids used to throw rocks from overpasses... Don't go to the barbershop and it's just so-so... Don't join in the crowd. Don't be too curious. Stay away from people on the subway, people talking at the top of their voices, speaking a language you don't understand.

Could be pickpockets, could be drunks, could be homeless... Eat Gelato, of course, because there's more to discover than Gelato