Can't miss a trip to Singapore

Singapore, also known as "lion City", is an island country in Southeast Asia. It is also known as "Garden City" because of its unique geographical climate and beautiful vegetation everywhere. This country established by Chinese, Chinese account for 70%, language communication is basically barrier-free, as the most developed country in Southeast Asia - Singapore, is worth everyone to see the beauty of the local. However, many people have no purpose to play blindly, the following xiaobian to introduce you to travel to Singapore should not be missed.

Can't miss a trip to Singapore

1. Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the Bay is a garden that Singapore has spent a lot of money to build, with more than 250,000 plants of various types of vegetation, the perfect combination of nature and urban architecture. Marina Bay Sands is a landmark of Singapore. Enjoy a drink in the sky garden on the top floor, overlooking the night view of Singapore, or enjoy a high-altitude bath in the infinity pool on the top floor! It's nice to think about it. The bottom of the hotel is the world-famous sands gambling city, you can experience the luxurious life.

2, Bang Goose stable

This unique place is also worth a visit. Not only does it offer a variety of horses to ride, but the hotel is a stables like holiday lodge. Well worth a night here with the whole family.

3, bud cage

Nha Long is the most distinctive red light district in Singapore, and the only one in Singapore that is quite chaotic. The so-called red light district is that the ladies here are legally licensed. Divided into more than 20 streets, single lane food street, double lane red light street. Here is not only food and beauty, smuggling cigarettes, smuggled health care products, underground gambling stalls and so on, it can be said that eating, drinking and playing everything. Double lane needless to say, we all know beauty from all countries. The dishes in the single lane are worth tasting, including bak Kut Teh, spicy crab and Hainan chicken rice.

Can't miss a trip to Singapore

4, Chinatown

As Singapore's centuries-old Chinatown, many historic buildings still remain. Here is the most Chinese atmosphere of the street, the restaurant is all Chinese restaurant, Chinese provincial cuisine has, even spicy spicy pot, Henan stewed noodles, you can see!

5. Kra Wharf

Known as the "LAN Kwai Fong" in Singapore, it is a bar street and nightlife gathering place in Singapore. When night falls, it is crowded and many clubs need to queue outside, which is very worthy of tourists to experience a night.

Can't miss a trip to Singapore

Little India

Indians are the second largest ethnic group in Singapore after Chinese. When you take the MRT, you will find that the MRT announces the station name three times, once in English, once in Mandarin, and finally in Hindi! Little India, where indians live, is like a microcosm of India, hence the place names. Here is full of rich exotic customs, amorous Indian veiled beauty, a variety of Indian goods, various types of Indian food, as well as a variety of temples full of characteristics, can bring tourists a different experience.

7. Ferris Wheel

Located along Marina Bay, Singapore's giant Ferris wheel stands 42 stories high and reaches a total height of 165 meters. A 37-minute ride on the ferris Wheel offers panoramic views of not only Singapore, but also some of the islands of Malaysia and Indonesia. I suggest going at night, the best night view.