The origin, significance and value of gold bars?

The origin, significance and value of gold bars?

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  1. China's first "Spring Festival Golden Bar" has recently appeared in Beijing, and there is another choice for citizens who like Tibetan gold. The "Chinese Spring Festival Gold Strip" is created by AU9999 pure gold. The National Museum of China is produced by the National Museum. 1999 sets are issued in a limited edition. Each set has a unique number and issued the National Museum of the National Museum of China. Each set of "Chinese Spring Festival" contains four gold bars, namely "dumplings", "firecrackers", "year painting" and "dumplings". At the same time, the origin and historical stories of these Spring Festival elements are conveyed. In the atmosphere, inherit traditional culture.

    So far, the products related to the Spring Festival in the gold market are usually some zodiac gold bars and New Year's gold bars, and this theme is clearly the theme of the "Spring Festival", and the "Chinese Spring Festival Gold Bar" is the first. Beijing National Highway Gold Co., Ltd., which is responsible for the release of the "Spring Festival Gold Strip", stated that in order to emphasize the characteristics of the Spring Festival, the "Chinese Spring Festival Gold Bar" has selected the most colorful dumplings, firecrackers, New Year's paintings, and dumplings in China as the main pattern. Connect the cultural complex of the Chinese people.

    This during the Spring Festival has always been the most strong period of gold. Gold products with personalized, cultural connotations, strong collection value and appreciation space are becoming a new trend of gold consumption. Taking the "Spring Festival Gold Bar" issued this time, each set is 80 grams, the price is 19999 yuan, and nearly 250 yuan per gram. The offer of ordinary pure investment gold bars, such as Gauzer, is about 158 ​​yuan per gram. (Yin Peng)

    Li Minghai

    Thenian pigs are coming soon, and they will welcome the festivals. Today, commemorative gold bars have become a major highlight in the gold collection investment market at the end of the year. How should investors and consumers choose the kind of real gold bars in front of them?

    The reference to a number of "hard indicators"

    Is when selecting gold bars, investors should according to the issuance subject, production process, casting agency, price, limited issuance, whether to repurchase, whether to repurchase, whether Multiple factors are considered.

    For example, the issuance of the issuance, the industry has always made investment collection and gold treaties into the "official bar" and "civil stripe". The so -called "official bar" refers to the authority of the issuance subject. For example, the "Beijing Olympic Gold" with the theme of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, jointly issued by the China Gold Coin Corporation and the China Monthrus Monrene Corporation.

    "civil strips" generally refer to the gold bars issued by ordinary commercial enterprises. The authority of the "civil strip" issued by such enterprises must not be as good as the "official bar."

    The production process and production unit of gold bars are also an important basis for consumers. However, traditional casting technology is adopted. The New Year's Gold Bar of the Gold Coin Corporation adopts the "casting" method, and the zodiac gold bars of Guobo use the "oil pressure" method. Relatively speaking, the latter's pattern is more delicate and clear. The New Year's Gold Bar of the Gold Coin Corporation is manufactured by the Great Wall Great Wall and Silver Refining Plant. The gold bar standard manufactured by the plant has passed international certification, and there are currently only two factories in China.

    The market price of all kinds of commemorative gold bars is basically priced between 170 yuan to 220 yuan per gram. Among them, the price of "Chinese National Treasure Zodiac" is the highest, and the retail price per gram of the market is about 220 yuan. Due to the changes in gold prices and some varieties have been consumed by market, the market price of commemorative gold bars has been changing, and the price of various places has some subtle differences. In addition, the price of gold bars in the postal card market is cheaper than the sales price of regular gold shops, but some people would rather spend more money to buy it at ease.

    The market price of most of the commemorative gold bars is closely related to the rise and fall of gold in the international market, especially the commemorative gold bars with a mediocre and large amount of circulation and a large amount of circulation. There are more and more commemorative gold bars, and its price adjustment is already a trend. Of course, the gold bars like the first group of the Olympic Games are small with the rise and fall of gold prices, which has initially showed the investment value of artworks.

    In short, commemorative gold bars with a major theme, exquisite manufacturing process, reasonable circulation, and large market consumption must rely on time to show its value, which requires long -term investment.

    Id investment collection suggestions

    Cripping investment purposes

    It mainly have two main purposes to purchase gold bars, one is used for investment, the other is used for collect.

    If it is really investing in physical gold, you should buy the minimum standard gold bars, referred to as standard gold. The commemorative gold bars are mainly suitable for collecting or gifts. Of course, some commemorative gold bars with a major theme, exquisite production process, and small circulation. Although the price is higher than the standard gold bars at the time of purchase, it is a memorable gold bar. Price to the rise and fall of the market is just a reference element, not all elements.

    The long line trend of gold price

    Although the price of commemorative gold bars is not as synchronized as standard gold bars, the rise and fall of gold prices will still be right within a certain period of time period. The price trend of commemorative gold bars has an impact, especially most of the subject matter, the production process is not colorful, the circulation is large, the premium is not much, or the commemorative gold bars in the latter groups in the latter series.

    The on details

    The New Year's gold bars are issued once a year for 12 years, and the issuance of the New Year's gold bars is currently increasing each year. Buy, buy more money. In addition, the general zodiac theme gold bars are 99.99%gold, but the gold of CICC has 99.999%gold. It is necessary to be more "pure" gold bars, and you can only buy CICC. Similarly, many commemorative gold bars are from 50 grams to 1,000 grams, basically 4 or 5 specifications, but the zodiac gold bars of CICC are not 1,000 grams. G, 100 grams, 200 grams, 500 grams.

    C collection prompts

    The family collection gold bars must have a solid safe.

    This should keep the original packaging, pay attention to the commemorative certificate and other things, do not miss it.

    The as much as possible when buying as much as possible when you buy. Any problems are easy to negotiate.

    The series of products, please pay attention to the release time.

    "Beijing Olympic Gold" series reference price

    Group: "50 grams": 198 yuan/gram; "100 grams": 210 yuan/gram; "500 grams": 198 yuan/gram; "1000g": 200 yuan/gram;

    Color "Beijing Olympic Gold" series second group: "50 grams": 284 yuan/gram, "100 grams": 220 yuan/gram, "200 grams": 230 yuan/gram, "500 grams": 188 yuan/gram , "1000 grams": 190 yuan/gram;

    The first group of "Beijing Olympic Gold" series: "50 grams": 225 yuan/gram; "100 grams": 230 yuan/gram; "500 grams": 205 yuan/gram; "1000 grams": 210 yuan/gram;

    The second group of "Beijing Olympic Gold" series: "50 grams": 190 yuan/gram; "" 100g ": 185 yuan/gram;" 500 grams ": 185 yuan/gram;" 1000 grams ": 198 yuan/gram.

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    The price of Shanghai gold bars:

    The first time in 7 years: the price of commemorative gold bars is even lower than the investment -type gold bar. A few days ago, more than 20 varieties and specifications of commemorative gold bars were released on the Jiuzhou Golden Store on the Sichuan Road. The price per gram was about 20 yuan lower than other commemorative gold bars in Shanghai. Experts believe that the practice of "commemorative" as the reason for the price lifting should be over, and the gold bars are marked with the "integration price" close to international gold prices in order to hide gold in the people. Some experts predict that after the commemorative cheap gold bars enter the market, the Shanghai City's high -priced gold bars will be forced to sing again.

    The commemorative cheap gold bar on the cabinet is tentatively scheduled for 166 yuan/gram. The store introduced that this gold bar is basically "one price a day". The price of the gold AU99.99 closing price the day before the day of the Shanghai Gold Exchange was priced. It may be lower than the low -cost gold bars that have just entered the market in Shanghai.

    At present, the annual consumption of gold jewelry in the Shanghai market has exceeded 13 billion yuan, which is equivalent to one -tenth of the national total consumption. Compared with gold jewelry such as bracelets, rings, and necklaces, the sales of gold bars have always been smaller. Because the gold bar has been in Shanghai for 7 years, it has maintained a price level of 25 yuan or even more than 30 yuan per gram higher than the Gold Exchange. The commemorative gold bar is nearly 200 yuan per gram, and the minimum is about 185 yuan per gram.