4 Things you Need to Know In Advance if you want to travel to Japan

With the continuous development of our economy, more and more people have extra money found out traveling, and have good outbound travel choice in around us, Japan, the "comedy duo" is a good choice, but even if similar culture, after all mountains and exotic, before you go to if not all, only to travel effect is not poor, Let's talk about four things you should know before visiting Japan in the near future.

When can I go to Japan?

Due to the impact of the epidemic, outbound travel has been subject to a lot of restrictions, especially in the recent local situation, which directly closed the country. According to the official response, the entry restrictions will probably be lifted by the end of July, even if you have obtained a temporary visa, it will be invalid. However, residents of Thailand and New Zealand, which have close ties with Japan, can go to Japan with some conditions, and China is also expected to lift the quarantine ban ahead of schedule due to its success in epidemic prevention.

Will it be crowded?

Because we are under less pressure from the novel coronavirus, we can see the number of domestic May Day tourists last year, and the environment in Japan is a little safer. It is certain that many tourists will choose to travel in revenge. Japan, as the first choice for domestic tourists to travel abroad, will also have the same huge tourist army as in previous years, or even more. So tourists who want to revisit Japan as soon as it is unsealed need to be prepared for relatively crowded conditions.

4 Things you Need to Know In Advance if you want to travel to JapanTime is limited, kanto, Kansai two choices?

If you have tourism experience in Japan, you must be familiar with the fact that Kanto and Kansai are two popular tourist regions in Japan, which often causes the "choice difficulty syndrome" for tourists. Then, considering the recent planning and development of the two places, how should you choose to travel to Japan in the near future? Kanto - set the modern development of Japan, Tokyo, Shibuya, Harajuku, Akihabara and other consumer resorts are located here, but the historical flavor of Kansai is slightly inferior; Kansai on the other hand, Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, Nagoya, Kobe, Japan's most famous historical cities are here, of course, Osaka's urban atmosphere is actually as good as Tokyo.

Can not not with primitive, urban seize?

Of course, for senior backpackers, they will certainly choose to experience the traditional and modern Japan in only one trip, and will not carry out unnecessary "two upper palace", they also summed up the route to achieve this goal, want to go to Japan to play friends can refer to. Beijing into aka out: Tokyo: Asakusa Temple, Ginza, sky tree, Disney, Kamakura Ancient City, Akihabara, Taiwan field, Kyoto: Fu see rice lotus dashe, Shimizu Temple, eight ban Shrine, an garden, you GET it?