Secret camping + wild adventure unlock new outdoor games

Outdoor camping has become a popular way to travel these two years. There is a hidden "treasure" camp in Tadian Town, Yuxi Eshan County, where you can not only camp and picnic, but also experience the fun of rock climbing and cave exploring.

Yandian outdoor Tadian base is more than 2,000 meters above sea level and covers an area of more than 300 mu, which can accommodate four or five hundred people camping at the same time. The base adheres to the concept of no-trace wilderness, and restores the fun of camping in the wild under natural conditions to the greatest extent. Camped here, you can watch the sunrise and the sea of clouds in the morning and watch the starry galaxy at night. At the same time, the base is also equipped with tourist lounges, tents, toilets, showers, greatly reducing the difficulty of camping in the wild.

Secret camping + wild adventure unlock new outdoor gamesWang Jiachun, head of Eshan Yandian Tourism Development Co., LTD. : "We are combined with the characteristics of nature, adjust measures to local conditions, we have different place is waterfalls, caves, is natural, and natural rock climbing scene, came to the base is like to go to the real field, can experience the magic, the wild nature can mushroom, dig potherb, know a lot at ordinary times contact less than the contents in the city."

The person in charge introduced that the base prepared helmets, headlights, knee pads, elbow pads and other safety equipment, to provide tourists with cave exploration and rock climbing experience projects. After the on-site teaching, professional certified coaches will accompany tourists throughout the whole journey. Under the condition of safety, they will lead you to appreciate the beautiful scenery, learn outdoor knowledge, and remind you to protect the environment while playing.

The scenery is accompanied by food, and after wilderness adventures, visitors can feast on mountain delicacies, as well as barbecue buffet and picnics. The food material already has the mountain grass in season, wild fungus, also has the ecology raises the native chicken, native duck and so on.

Tourist: "Come here to climb mountains and pick up bacteria when you rest on weekends. One family or several families come here about. The beautiful scenery here is a good place to relax."