Do all 10 of these traqvel experiences

Do all 10 of these traqvel experiences

The vast majority of people are busy and busy before retirement, and rarely have the opportunity to completely relax and see the scenery they want to see, and live a life of spontaneous travel that was unimaginable before. Well, now that we're finally retired, it's time to take our time and do what we love.

Travel may not increase the length of your life, but it can definitely broaden it. Along the way, you will encounter never-before-seen worlds and all kinds of interesting souls. When we retire, doing all 10 of these travel experiences will make the hard work of the first half of our lives worth it.

1. A trip to Tibet

The dream of going to Tibet may only be in my heart, but now the call of snowy plateau is in my ears. Tibet may have seemed so far away before, but now airplanes, railways and expressways have brought it within our reach.

In Tibet, the holy snow mountains and lakes, grand and sacred temples, Tibetan antelope, Tibetan wild donkeys, boundless highland barley fields, golden prayer wheels, sweet butter tea, delicious zanba, all of these will be the most beautiful encounter in life.

2, next time jiangnan

Qianlong 6 jiangnan, in addition to incognito private visit, not very comfortable, we might as well learn from Qianlong. The reason why jiangnan makes a person like so, the slow life of the family of small bridge running water is what people yearn for most, retired must go in the ancient town of jiangnan, slow down pace, experience a comfortable languid lazy life

We can go to Wuzhen, Xitang, Nanxun, in the red flowers and green willow, white walls and black tiles, small Bridges and flowing water, taste a clear tea, taste a cake, drink a bowl of wonton soup, warm the years, the world in my zai.

3. A trip to Hulun Buir

"The sky is green and wild, the wind blows the grass low to see the cattle and sheep", hulun Buir prairie vast and beautiful, how can this life miss? If I, retired to a hulunbuir big loop road self-drive trip, take the most beautiful card line and 904 county road, harvest the most beautiful scenery in Hulunbuir.

Hulunbuir has 80,000 square kilometers of natural grasslands, 110,000 square kilometers of primitive forests, more than 3,000 criss-crossing rivers and more than 500 dotted lakes, where you can encounter the sunset of the Erguna River, the vast expanse of the Golden Horde Grassland, the autumn colors of the Great Hinggan Mountains and the brilliant lights of Manzhouli.

4. Have a frozen treat

"Thousands of miles of ice, thousands of miles of snow floating" how can the heroic life miss? Retired, choose a winter, we about three or five friends, drive a trip to the northeast, starting from Shenyang, all the way to erdao White River, Fog Island, Chagan Lake, Harbin, it will be a frozen trip.

This journey of ice and snow, we will encounter Meilun Meihuan jilin Rime, the vast Laolichu Linhai snow field, Harbin Ice and snow world bright, chagan Lake winter catching warm, and the aroma of iron pot stew, kill pig vegetables meet, modern ice cream sweet, think so beautiful.

5. A trip to Xinjiang

"You don't know how big China is until you reach Xinjiang. If you don't go to Xinjiang, you don't know the beauty of China. "Xinjiang has the stretching Tianshan Mountains, the boundless Gobi Desert, the vast desert with yellow sand all over the sky, the endless prairie, gem-like lakes, dense forests, herds of cattle and sheep, and the fragrance of melons and fruits. All the scenery can be encountered in Xinjiang except the sea.

Shu shu suggests that you, in June after the opening of the road, to a road road road trip, it will be the above scenery. At that time, you will realize the charm of "one day has four seasons, ten miles of different days".

6. A trip to Hainan Island

"Please come to the ends of the earth, where spring is always here", how can hainan island be missed? Shu shu will come to Hainan every year to spend a warm winter, every time will also come to a self-drive around the island. Only then will you know that Hainan island is not only beautiful Sanya, it has so many wonderful places worth visiting.

Hainan Island has a sea area of 2 million square kilometers and a coastline of 1,823 kilometers, including the charming coast of Wanning, the warmth of the East, the magic of Lingshui, the qialou old Street of Haikou, the coconut groves of Wenchang, and of course the legend of Wuzhishan mountain and the hymns of Sanya.

7. Go to Xishuangbanna

Xishuangbanna has China's only "tropical rain forest reserve", it is a place where people can celebrate the "water-splashing festival" every day in winter. Now Xishuangbanna has ushered in the era of high-speed rail, if you want to meet it, has become easy.

To Xishuangbanna can live in the vicinity of The zhuang, do not go out of the house can smell a strong southeast Asian style, in vientiane avenue numerous Dai style inn, manual workshops, bars and restaurants will be dizzying. In addition to the daily feast for the eyes, the "pineapple rice", "bao Braised fish", "fragrant grass grilled chicken", "fragrant grass bamboo shoots", "glutinous rice, bamboo rice", "balada" will also satisfy the people.

8. Drive national Road 315 once

Qinghai National Highway 315 is known as a more spectacular road than Us Route 66, also known as the "loneliest road", is the most spectacular landscape road in western China, how can we not take a trip in this life?

Along national Road 315, we can encounter the world's largest and most fantastic Yatan landform, the world's most un-Earthlike wasteland, Kunlun "devil's eye" Aiken Spring, the ruins of the oil town, and dream, pure Jade Lake.

9. Self-drive Guizhou

Guizhou province is known as "eight mountains, one water and one farmland". Its landform can be divided into four basic types: plateau, mountain, hill and basin. 92.5% of its area is mountain and hill.

Summer drive to Guizhou, Fanjing Mountain, Wanfenglin, Huangguoshu Waterfall, Qingyan ancient town, Zhenyuan ancient town, Libo Small seven hole, Xijiang Qianhu Miao Village, Zhaoxing Dong Village enough for us to enjoy the whole summer.

10. A trip to Taiwan

Taiwan Province of China has always been affectionately called "Treasure Island", and it is the place that all Chinese people look forward to traveling to the most.

The island in China, we can enjoy the charming scenery, Pacific Ocean can experience the romance of amorous feelings of alishan and Sun Moon Lake, wander can ride a motorcycle in kenting street, can look at a sunset in the west bay, you can find the most delicious food in the night market, to sum up, let us look forward to the future one day earlier in his desire to Taiwan high speed rail.

Shu thinks these 10 travel experiences are only a small goal for retirement, as China is so vast and there are so many wonderful places to visit. Where else are you looking forward to going? Retired, we go together, ok?