The journey

Read the book, walk the road, pass through, talk... Now found that there are roughly two kinds of realm in this life, one is pain without words, one is smiling without a word.

The so-called experience is only the wrong way, the wrong people, and those deep shallow imprint in the heart. Actually also do not count for what matter, put in the heart is hurt, say to come out when pour out, listen to the person when the story, also have nothing.

Stumbling, along the way, the side can leave a few best friends, their busy, occasionally get together to ridicule each other, there is no time to run aground of estranged, the rest of the time is needed by each other, you have in mind.

The journeyThese people in life must be with the precipitation of time all the way, even if not around, every time I think of can make you smile, time is quiet, it is good to have you.

Life in a hurry, is shown by the clock ticked down alone with the existence of time, memory is to tick the voice of the forgotten, let all the memories are all in the future every time, after the fall without settling live hard, and do not give oneself leave any regret in life, to your own life the way you want, do what you love, love yourself, Respecting your heart and loving yourself is the most important thing.

Unworthy people are passers-by, time is the most perfect record, all the smooth or bumpy experience is the result, he is the one worth having, qualified to comment on the person, can be lonely, can be confused, but the soul is willing to have a way back.