When you go to Europe for the first time, you have to know the best route to take

Europe, with its mild climate, diverse landscapes and numerous cultural relics, is well worth traveling to. So what kind of tour will give us the most experience of Europe? Let's take a look.

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Route 1: Classic seven-day tour of France, Switzerland and Italy

Recommend reason: 7 days of France, Italy and Switzerland 15 city depth tour, Switzerland, Italy's natural landscape as well as into the church, the city, but also can experience a gondola slowly leisurely appreciate the water city of Venice scenery. Finally, when you get back to Paris, you'll be able to do some shopping and shopping after visiting the famous sights of Paris.

Day 1: Day 1 Paris - Lucerne

Lucerne is one of the most beautiful and desirable tourist cities in Switzerland and one of the most popular Swiss holiday destinations for the Swiss. Lucerne is a historical and cultural city, where artists have found endless inspiration. Throughout history, many famous writers lived and wrote here.

Day 2 Lucerne - Milan - Venice

Visit Piazza Doomo, the Victorian Emmanuel II shop street, with its huge arched buildings and glittering glass ceilings. Then go to visit the size next to St. Peter's Basilica in Rome [Domomo Church], also known as Milan Cathedral, Milan Cathedral is the world's largest Gothic church, but also the size of the world's second largest church after St. Peter's Basilica in the Vatican. It took more than five centuries to complete the construction of Milan Cathedral. Architects from Germany, France, Italy and other countries participated in the design of the main cathedral successively, bringing together the architectural art styles of various nationalities, especially the German style.

When you go to Europe for the first time, you have to know the best route to take

Day 3 Venice - Rome

St. Mark's Square, also known as Venice Central Square, has been the public center of Venice's political, religious and traditional festivals. The duke of st. mark's square is a mansion, st. mark's cathedral, st. mark's bell tower, new and old executive mansion, connecting two buildings of napoleon wing, quad tower and st. mark's library of st. mark's cathedral and the grand canal of Venice of rectangle, square, about 170 meters long, the east 80 meters wide, the west side of about 55 meters wide. The square is surrounded by fine Renaissance buildings.

Day 4 Rome - Vatican - Alesu

The Colosseum is a symbol of Ancient Roman civilization. The site is located in the center of the Italian capital, Rome, south of the Piazza venezia, near the Ancient Roman market. In appearance, it is circular; When you look down, it's oval. The Colosseum was originally modeled after an ancient Greek theater, but when it was finished it was used for beast fighting rather than theater. Legend has it that on the day the Colosseum was built, the Romans held a hundred-day celebration, killing 11,000 animals of various kinds. The whole Colosseum can accommodate as many as 50,000 spectators, from the function, scale, technology and artistic style of all aspects, the Colosseum is one of the representative works of Ancient Roman architecture.

Day 5 Aresu - Florence - Pisa - Genoa

The Leaning Tower of Pisa is a freestanding bell tower of the Cathedral of Pisa, located in piazza miraculus, north of Pisa, Tuscany, Italy. Square of the large lawn dotted with a group of religious buildings, they are cathedral (built in 1063-13 century), the baptistery (built in 1153, the 14th century), the clock tower (i.e., the Leaning Tower of Pisa) and the cemetery (built in 1174), the outside walls of the them are milk white marble stone, their relatively independent but form a unified Roman architecture style. The Leaning Tower of Pisa is behind the Pisa Cathedral. The Leaning Tower of Pisa is the symbol of the city of Pisa, 1987 it and adjacent cathedral, baptistery, cemetery together because of its great influence on the 11th century to the 14th century Italian architecture, and was selected by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization as a World Heritage site.

Day 6 Genoa - Monte Carlo - Nice - Cannes - Avignon

Nice leisure resort, visit angel Bay and The Promenade. Nice is one of Europe's most attractive gold coast cities, with its eclectic mix of museums, galleries, fountains and even groves of flowers and palms.

The famous world film exhibition place - [Cannes], the stone road full of fingerprints is a witness to the international stars in Cannes left the charm. The south of France is the place where perfumes are produced. You can choose your favorite perfume by passing through a perfume factory.

Day 7 Avignon - Paris

This tour includes classic sites in France, Italy and Switzerland, making it one of the best Tours in Europe. Besides this tour, there are two other great Tours:

Route 2: Scottish Highlands, Sky Island and Harry Potter's Footprints in three days

Why you should check it out: The scenery on this route is sheer beauty, epic in its romantic, rugged, lonely natural beauty of upland hills and fields. The story of Sky Island is as romantic as its scenery. Harry Potter fans will know all about the locations in the series, including the Glenfinnan Viaduct.

Route 3: A seven-day trip to the Acropolis of Athens, a sacred island in the Aegean Sea

Why you should check it out: Greece is already a popular tourist destination, and it's even hotter now that Descendants of the Sun was filmed. The blue and white Aegean sea sultry world of Santorini is as beautiful as a painting. The Acropolis is one of the seven architectural wonders of the world. After a long time, although the ancient city has been left with ruins, but not a trace of desolation, but let every traveler here can not help but to this time carved pieces of memory memorial.

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