What equipment do you need for outdoor mountaineering

Bloomy spring season, many fans have mountaineering tourism, do you think this season is very suitable for mountain climbing, to know the mountain is very good to the body, but in the mountains on the way encountered a sudden change of weather, it also has the adverse effect to the body, so we should not only choose when climbing suits own a set of equipment, And choose your own clothes.

01 outdoor shoes

The importance that introduces a shoe to you again already had the suspicion of Tang's monk, what need remind you is: mountaineering is about to have the appearance of mountaineering, must not only be buying some of flashy flashy shoes, bear hardships finally or oneself.

02 backpack

Your job is not just to stuff things into a bag. Supplies, drinks, heavier equipment, lighter equipment, sleeping bag and clothing must be arranged in the right order. Don't get confused, but from top to bottom. Determine their own appropriate size, "measure the genre package" on the road, otherwise you can have bitter eating all the way!

What equipment do you need for outdoor mountaineering

03 Fleece pants

When it comes to fleece sweaters, I did some research recently and decided to purchase a Fleece sweater from KROCUES Polartec, which is light and warm, through user experience with several outdoor brands. POLARTEC does not need me to say, as we all know, is the world's top fabric brand, it is durable and easy to wash than the average cashmere, performance is very strong ~

04 ski-wear,

Long-distance travel, your that light and beautiful charge garment can not satisfy these changeful weather certainly these days, had better take a function model is strong, windproof waterproof breathable nature is best, still be that sentence nevertheless first-class price first-class goods, so oneself go choose and buy according to economic ability.

05 tent

If you go hiking, choose a mountain tent, ventilated, warm, breathable and very strong, 12 force winds are not a problem, just for tourism? The traveling tent that takes a bit lighter is enough, friendship reminds, taking the word of MM must use double account book!

06 kettle

Cartoon kettle can cheat MM, want to buy still choose brunet, bump also won't feel too ugly, want to install cool to do skin, deck wine inside, do not blame me to do not say ahead of schedule when skin is bad, do not hang kettle directly on knapsack, buy a kettle to cover to be able to go to the toilet not little.

Outdoor sports is a very important process, in this process, what we need ready for outdoor sports equipment, and must pay attention to the clothes wear ski-wear, best can block rain, wind, can prevent the changeable weather, tent kettle is necessary, in addition to bring first-aid medicine, lest hurt or damaged not timely treatment cause wound infection.