Three hiking resorts in Chengdu

Hiking, a healthy way of travel, may meet the stars and clouds, meet the ancient road buildings, meet the soul of the partner, hiking, a cool thing, may turn around and surprise full of. Hiking, measuring the world with footsteps, exploring the unknown journey, go into the world of hiking!

1. Jiguan Mountain, Chongzhou

It is known as the "Jiuzhaigou" of Chengdu, known for its beautiful natural scenery and vegetation coverage of more than 90%. It is a natural "oxygen bar". It is also the highest mountain near Chengdu, magnificent, mountain landscape will change with the change of altitude seasonal, one mountain see "four views".

Hiking up the mountain, apart from the beautiful scenery along the way, the highest peak is the best viewing point. Overlooking the summit, the vast plains, rolling mountains, patchwork vegetation panoramic view. Meet the sea of clouds, Buddha light, sunrise that is another kind of breathtaking beauty, no artificial sculpture, is the original appearance of nature.

Jiguan Mountain can be hiked on their own with three or five friends, but to make a good route planning in advance, because there is no signal in the mountain. For hiking high-end players can try the jiguan Mountain through Xiling Snow Mountain and then through the jiulongchi scenic route.

Three hiking resorts in Chengdu

2. Zhao Gongshan

Located in Dujiangyan City, Chengdu, it is the highest peak of Qingcheng Mountain, with an altitude of 2,434 meters. It has preserved a large number of rare vegetation, such as ancient ginkgo trees and ancient Nan trees. At the same time, there are thousands of acres of medicinal materials base, large area distribution of azalea and osmanthus forest, flower resources are super rich, is the first choice for hiking.

Many hikers love it for its pristine condition, but even more for its sweeping snow-capped mountains under clear skies and the pleasure of climbing high above them. There are two basic lines to choose from when hiking Zhao Gongshan. The western route is relatively less difficult, mainly with wooden pile mountain road, with a time of two and a half hours, starting from qunyi Village.

The eastern route starts from Longfeng Village and takes about five hours to make its way through SLATE roads, muddy roads, and many wooden roads. From the bottom of the mountain to the top of the mountain, the altitude can vary a lot, from more than 900 degrees to 2,000 degrees, which is a real drop of 1,484 meters.

Dayi Leopard mouth

Relatively niche hiking sites require less physical strength and hiking experience, with a distance of 8km. The hike is mainly hilly, with many lush bamboo forests along the way, and the magnificent chengdu plain can be appreciated at the top.

Good luck can also see the sea of clouds, standing at the top of the mountain looking down, into the eye are floating clouds, like the shore of the sea. There is also a farmhouse on the top of the mountain, the main dish is chicken, the appearance level and taste are super good, the chicken is super tender, with vegetables, really can kill three bowls of rice.

Some people say that walking once a week will make you healthier. Hiking is a combination of sports and tourism, and is a popular way for young people to relax. But we should remind you that it has certain requirements for people's physical strength. Generally speaking, the environment for hiking will not be very good, and there may be no signal, lack of food, rugged roads and other situations. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare hiking shoes, food, route planning, mosquito repellent, emergency medicine and other supplies before hiking, and it is not recommended to hike alone, especially for girls. Hiking is beautiful, but safety is more important.