"Little Cambodia" around Chengdu

Meishan is not a mountain, but the hometown of the famous poet Su Dongpo. Meishan is very close to Chengdu, about 60 kilometers, and can be reached in about 10 minutes by high-speed rail. It is especially suitable for visiting. Meishan is a place with mountains, water and ancient towns. Life there is comfortable and pleasant, known as Little Cambodia. Here are some attractions that you can't miss. If you miss them, you're missing them. Check them out! "Little Cambodia" around Chengdu: mountains, rivers and delicacies gather together, 20 minutes by high-speed train.

Three su temple

Sansu Temple is the best preserved "Sansu" memorial temple in China. Sansu Temple is surrounded by red walls; The green water of the lake flows quietly beside, reflecting the view of the shore; Old trees stand in it; There are green bamboos to hide it, the formation of three water and two bamboo island characteristics.

Enter from the south gate, past the antrum is qixian Hall, where the statue of Sansu and all the memorial tablets of the Su family are enshrined; Further east is the inscription area, where you can see the Su family calligraphy, lamenting its charm; In Laifeng Xuan you can sit around the pavilion and enjoy the beautiful scenery in the courtyard; The boathouse is a stone boat in the middle of the lake, shaded by willow trees, and the surroundings are elegant and pleasant; Good bamboo pavilion, very suzhou garden feeling, small bridge water, winding path through the secluded.

"Little Cambodia" around Chengdu

Dongpo impression water Street

The water street is known as the sichuan version of datang city that never sleeps, the whole street on the carrier of ancient buildings, built beside the river, short of match night lighted lanterns, lights, very spectacular, put a song on the ancient music, plus a flutter on the lake of water mist, through one thousand, immediately make you feel can feel dongpo hometown one thousand times before, If you like Hanfu, you can't miss it. Wearing Hanfu and walking on the street, you look like a woman enjoying the Tang Dynasty! But it is highly recommended to visit at night, there is no light during the day, the scenery is more ordinary.

Liujiang river town

If you are fed up with the hustle and bustle of the city, come to liujiang Ancient Town to find the elegance of the ancient heritage! Liujiang ancient town scenery is very beautiful there is no ticket, although not in the Jiangnan area, but also full of jiangnan atmosphere. At night, when the wisper of light rain comes, misty rain is hazy on the river, and there are children on the bridge laughing, immediately can make people immersed in this tender feeling, irritable mood can be cured soon.

Water, misty rain and ancient towns form the unique beauty of Liujiang river. Here, you can take a boat, enjoy the scenery on both sides of the river with the breeze, and feel the harmonious unity of green mountains, green water, ancient trees and people. There are also many delicacies in the town, such as Viva liang fen, Guzhen barbecue, ice fen, rattan pepper duck, and Gaomiao liquor and Hongjiang bitter bamboo shoots, which are liujiang's special products, can also bring happiness and comfort to travel.


Known as "the most beautiful Table Mountain with tile-roofed houses above the clouds", Wawu Mountain has a high forest coverage rate, where you can enjoy beautiful azaleas and davidia involucrata in spring and escape the heat in summer. Not only are there many kinds of trees, but most of them are hundreds of years old or even thousands of years old. There are also famous waterfalls such as Uyegye Falls, Samsung Falls, Wooseon Falls, and Rangye Falls. Wawu Mountain is also very close to Chengdu, very suitable for the weekend clock, if you have the opportunity to rafting here a boat, very quiet will not be disturbed, the waterway is very spacious and clean, you can fight with friends here, very cool oh!