Chengdu: unique stone carvings, sunshine and beaches

Deyang is a city with a long history, but also has unique tourism conditions, here not only has a beautiful natural landscape, unique cultural landscape is super excellent, let's have a look at Deyang what delicious fun!

Deyang Stone Carving Park

Deyang Stone Carvings Park, located in the urban area of Deyang, the transportation is very convenient, known as Sichuan Cambodia, is China's largest urban modern art stone sculpture group, really can make people feel shocked! Trees inside the park is very big, very quiet, very lush, can take photos of attractions is very much also, the inside of the sculpture group is spectacular, all carved stone by stone carved masonry local, after years of baptism, many have some stains and mottled stone carving, but also is so, carved stone group more has the flavor of history, taking pictures very ones!

There are rows of ginkgo trees beside the cultural corridor. In late autumn, the golden leaves are also very beautiful. Taking photos in Deyang Stone Carvings Park can not only take exotic scenery, but also the base of wedding photography, many new couples come here every day to take their wedding photos. To the north of the park, there is an amusement park where you can eat deyang snacks, feed pigeons, ride bumper cars, bask in the sun and drink Ba Ba tea if the weather is good.

Chengdu: unique stone carvings, sunshine and beachesAnd the sea pastoral

If you want to take a vacation in maldives, but can't because of lack of time and money, then go to Hehai Garden in Deyang! The treasure of Deyang tourist destination, even the sunshine white clouds, lounge chairs, coconut trees and other tropical scenery are almost exactly the same moved here, really let a person have a kind of holiday in the Maldives feeling!

Worthy of being called "Sichuan Maldives", although the scenery here is artificial, but the scenery is very beautiful, not bad, but also the current new net red photo, suitable for lovers, girlfriends, family and so on to play together. The following attractions and projects must be visited, the Sky Land: the landscape here is very similar to Erhai, the blue sea and blue sky on sunny days is perfect for taking photos; Pink beach, this is a small island, the sand here is pink, full of girls heart; Palm silver Beach, the beach is the focus here, silver fine sand stepping up very comfortable, you can play volleyball and swing in this above, full of fun, lying on the lounge chair at will concave modeling are large both visual sense!

There are also many attractions, such as a carousel, autonomous aircraft and ferris wheel. There is also a pet park, where you can have close contact with cute pets, which is very healing. There are many places suitable for taking photos, such as: Net red bird's nest, French windmill, net red flamingo, it is recommended to wear a light skirt or Bohemian dress to take photos, very piece oh!

Deyang food

Deyang is also a city with a lot of food, often the most delicious food is always hidden in a small alley, a wine is not afraid of deep alley, can always find all sorts of delicious food to version, will eat food: luo bean chicken, songhua preserved egg, sweet oil cake, the bean curd, Dan Dan noodles, tie wire, rabbit FenZi laozhao, sichuan style stew pork, have distinguishing feature each, be sure to eat!