The unique Lugu Lake

Located on the border of Sichuan and Yunnan provinces, Lugu Lake is inhabited mainly by the Mosuo, Pumi and Yi ethnic groups and is one of the deepest freshwater lakes in China. As the mother sea of The Mosuo people, Lugu Lake bears the mysterious Mosuo culture. With the change of society, the most distinctive labels of Mosuo people, such as "walking marriage" and matriarchal society, have gradually disappeared from people's view, but Lugu Lake still retains its unique beauty and is full of magical colors.

Surrounded by mountains on all sides, lugu Lake scenic area is also rich in forest resources, with snow accumulation period accounting for about a quarter of the year. It is also known as "Penglai Wonderland". Lugu Lake has a lot of eye-catching beauty, it is simply a fairyland on earth. Lugu Lake has an intact natural environment, charming lakes and mountains, as well as their unique culture and feelings, skillfully integrating mountains, water, people and emotions, like a brilliant gem embedded in the mountains of the western Yunnan Plateau.

Lugu Lake scenic spots recommended

Lugu Lake, known as the country of Oriental women, is home to the famous water-borne poplar flowers. Hugu Lake also has many scenic spots worth punching in.

Lige Peninsula, as the most beautiful viewing platform of Lugu Lake, lige Village viewing platform is not to be missed when traveling to Lugu Lake, but also the perfect position to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Lugu Lake; The transportation is very convenient and the price is relatively cheap compared with other places. There are many pig trough boats nearby that can be paid to play. In the evening, there are mosuzu performances, which are very interesting.

The unique Lugu LakeThe bridge is the only bridge on Lugu Lake. It is said to be a place for Mosuo men and women to date. Lovers Beach, here has a wide view, and a tree branches into the lake, legend that this is a place to date before love, perfect for punching in photos.

The sea of grass is a vibrant green marsh, with a large pool of water matching the thousand-year-old meadow like scattered islands, where girls can also braid colorful hair; Goddess Bay pier, the lake here is so quiet as a painting, even the existence of the wind can not feel, every evening there are many photography enthusiasts holding the lens in such a fixed dusk in front of the eyes, very beautiful.

Dear inn, it is because dear inn this fire variety, let lugu Lake this beautiful place again fire up, return to people's vision, here is the ideal of paradise, here can not recommend accommodation, but super suitable for taking pictures!

Lugu Lake play and food

Around the lake is a classic way to swim around Lugu Lake. Partners with good physical strength and enough time can choose to ride a bicycle around the lake or an electric bike around the lake. They can enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way freely and are very comfortable. Among the most classic and interesting recreational activities in Lugu Lake, bonfire parties are held regularly by the aborigines. When dancing in the bonfire parties, if there is a favorite person present, they will give each other three palms to show their agreement to make friends, which is very interesting.

Lugu Lake food, go to the wedding party: you can eat mosuo characteristics sausage, pork and local chicken and other delicacies; Stone pot fish: when playing tired after a pot of stone pot cooked stone pot fish served, will certainly arouse your appetite; Hand-made pilaf: You can also feel the atmosphere of Xishuangbanna in Lugu Lake. Hand-made pilaf is all made with original local ingredients. Toast banquet: the whole banquet has six cold dishes, four desserts and three large 18 dishes, very very rich.