Four classic scenic spots around Chengdu

Gulong Waterfall

Gulong Waterfall is located in Naxi District of Luzhou City. The waterfall gorge here is all naturally formed and was developed in 2016. It takes about an hour and a half to circle the luye Creek and back. Along the way, the scenic area is lined with a variety of vegetation that preserves the pristine landscape, including tree ferns.

The air in the scenic spot is very fresh, the climate is also very cool, the road is relatively gentle, only part of the stairs, very suitable for summer with the old and children to play together.

Luzhou Taohuawu

Taohuawu is located in Xuyong County, Luzhou. The scenic area is very large and full of antique buildings. In one place, you can feel the feeling of Hangzhou and Suzhou, like the window of the world when you were a child. Scenic areas in the dining and accommodation are more centralized, you can eat, drink and play a dragon, very suitable for a family to go out to play. The scenery is also great, with stunning peach blossoms, wide lakes and black swans to be seen before spring.

Four classic scenic spots around Chengdu

YaoBa town

Beautiful skins are thousands of a "green", the town scenery is also very beautiful. The ancient gate in the ancient town is made of red earth, tile-ridge is connected between the quadrangle courtyard, as well as high and low scattered residential buildings, looking far along the road, there are many families doing small business, here is quiet but does not lose the city fireworks atmosphere, isolated at the same time also has its own school.

All the scenic spots here are free of charge, interesting scenic spots are: The former residence of Mr. Wang Chaowen, is a single-family courtyard, decoration is also very feeling; Low-key and simple Zhou Gongguan, the architecture is full of ancient style and charm, very elegant simple; Red wall blue tile Dongyue Temple, there is no extra charge, you can buy incense worship, sincere spirit oh; Net red card wishing tree, almost every ancient town has a towering tree, leafy trees bless the people here, the red rope tied to the branches is full of everyone's devout wishes, and the green leaves set off each other, is a good place to take photos of the card.

Kirin square

Located in na Xi district, it's a big dam along the river, and it has a weird stone beach, and it has a national Geographic feel to it. Here you can sit quietly beside the Yangtze River with your friends and enjoy the sunset while the wind blows slowly. Here is a "version of the alien landform on the river", rugged rocks, with a natural sense of artistic abstraction, let people have to sigh the uncanny workmanship of nature. With the help of the river, the rocks and then slightly fine-tuned toning, photography is very feeling. There are many people fishing in the river, children in the free kite flying, leisure and fun.


Luzhou not only has good wine, but also a lot of delicious food, such as gulin spicy chicken, Hongqiao pig cake, traditional bean curd brain, living water rabbit, Luzhou white cake, Liu Er yellow cake, Mou Ji pot galley, Luzhou time-honored pot feast and so on. The live water rabbit meat super tender, delicious to stop; Luzhou white cake also belongs to intangible cultural heritage, not only sweet taste, but also soft and chewy.