A neglected city near Chengdu: It's like spring all the year round

Panzhihua is the only city in China named after a flower. There is no winter all year round and it is warm all the year round, which makes it perfect for escaping the cold in winter. Many people know that Panzhihua is an industrialized city, but they ignore that it is also a treasure tourism city. Because there are not many tourists and the commercial atmosphere is not strong, Panzhihua not only has abundant sunshine all year round, but also has rich historical and humanistic stories. It is a city that people will fall in love with when they come.

Third Line Construction Museum

This is the place where panzhihua must be clocked. The history of panzhihua can be reproduced and the development process can be seen here. It is the largest and most comprehensive third-line theme museum in China.

Jinsha River Grand Canyon

Jinsha River Grand Canyon viewing platform needs to drive or take a sightseeing car to reach, there are windmills halfway, you can take small fresh photos here, the canyon drop is very big, a kind of glimpse of the feeling. Jinsha River sunset is very beautiful, red sunset reflected in the river, is particularly quiet and peaceful. Here also can camp, can enjoy the bright moon and the stars in the camp quietly at night.

A neglected city near Chengdu: It's like spring all the year round

Puda Sunshine International Health tourism resort

This resort area is very large, combining sunshine health care with folk culture. The internal projects include: health sports, sunshine recreation, lakeside health care, mountain vacation, etc., which can cultivate one's morality at the same time. There are large lawns, an observation deck surrounded by a sea of flowers, most of the houses are built by the lake, schools, hospitals, restaurants and other facilities are also very complete, as if it is a paradise.

Panzhihua Park

Panzhihua Park is a large public park which can satisfy People's Daily leisure and entertainment. The cable car is the featured project here. In addition, it is also the high point of Panzhihua East District. The vegetation is very rich, and the flowers and plants are very comfortable. The wind is not too small, which is very suitable for the summer. In addition to the flowers, fish and insects found in every park, there are also children's paradise, red Patriotism base and zoo, which is both a place for leisurely walking and a childhood memory of Panzhihua people.

Rice yi Longtan cave

Cave is a veritable natural oxygen bar, with high content of negative oxygen ions. As soon as you enter the cave, you can feel cool and comfortable, and it is a summer resort. Karst cave has a variety of stalagmites, stone columns, stalactites, stalagmites gathered, grotesque, grotesque stone into the sky, very spectacular, let a person heartfelt sigh of the magic of nature.


Panzhihua is known as the kingdom of fruits because of its abundant sunshine and vast territory. The fruits grown here are not only good-looking but also super sweet. Mangoes, pomegranates and loquat are representative fruits, which are very suitable to buy to quench thirst on the way to travel.

During the trip, of course, you also need to taste local specialties, such as: thin oily meat, which is very thin and soft, with a smoky taste like bacon; Old salt bean sheng, a local specialty, is made by smashing green beans into paste, which is fresh and salty. Stir-fried ham with panzhihua, panzhihua tastes a bit like okra, but sticky; In addition to salt edge mutton rice noodles, fried sand crawler, chicken longitudinal roll noodles are also worth tasting!

Panzhihua also has many beautiful scenery, food, stories to explore, take advantage of the weekend, bring family and friends together to see it!