Summer mountain climbing, facing faith

Speaking of western Sichuan, people will immediately think of the beautiful Daocheng Yating. In fact, there is not only one Daocheng County in western Sichuan, but also a place called Litang County, which is also a beautiful paradise on earth. Litang is the highest county in China. Most people know the name of Litang because of cangyang Jiatso's last poem. Although he had never been to this place, it was the city in the sky in his heart. Now Li Tang and because of ding Zhen's popularity back to everyone's vision. In the eyes of Tibetans, Litang is also the closest place to the sky besides the snow mountains.

Litang is located in the southwest of Ganzi Prefecture, which is the only way from Chengdu to Daocheng Yading. It is a world-famous high city and also the only way of 318 National Highway. The unique geographical conditions are very suitable for self-driving travel. Ding Zhen said that in his world is snow mountain, grassland, white pagoda, temple and glacier, then let us walk into his world to have a look!

"Nie snow mountain

Gesnie Snow Mountain is the third highest mountain in western Sichuan and the holy land of Shengle Jingang. For a full view of The mountain, take a ride to Blacksmith Mountain Pass, where you can see the mountain lined up, quietly displaying its own serenity and grandeur. Lenggu Temple at the foot of the mountain is called "The heart of Nie", and a round wet meadow in the mountain, like a tear falling on the earth, is called "the eye of Nie".

The nature and presence of the place has a raw feel, as well as the river valleys and forests, which are well worth exploring and discovering. In the evening, you can lie on the steps of the cabin. Looking ahead, you can have a panoramic view of the snowy mountains and starry sky, which makes people feel the quietness of the years.

Summer mountain climbing, facing faith

Long Youth Cole Temple

Changqingchun Keer Temple, also known as Litang Temple, is the religious center of Litang people and the largest and oldest Tibetan Buddhist Temple in Kang District. From the ramp next to the main entrance of the temple is the back Hill, which has a broad view. Here you can not only see most of the temple buildings, but also see the panoramic view of Litang. It is very suitable for shooting the sunset in Litang here, which is very beautiful and spectacular, and it is also the same style as Wang Junai in "Just Be A Young".

Le tong town

Letong Ancient Town, known as the highest city in the world, is a characteristic town built on the lifelong road of Cangyang Jiatso. There are many museums and ancient houses in the ancient town, where you can see the cultural tradition of the town and the unique Tibetan culture. Due to the explosion of Dingzhen, more and more tourists to travel here, the more close to the sky, the more fairyland general scenery, there are several net celebrity gas card.

Qiandeng Alley, is a narrow alley, inside hanging a lot of lights; 318 this life will drive brand, Renkang old house and the door; That musa restaurant, is a Tibetan style treasure restaurant, comfortable and delicate environment; Cangyang Gyatso Museum, if you are lucky, you can meet Ding Zhen oh. We strongly recommend you to try Tibetan costumes, with litang's unique grasslands and mountains as the background, wearing a long scarf fluttering in the wind, very exciting!

Litang food

Litang belongs to Ganzi, which has Tibetan characteristics. The featured food is: Ganzi Zanba, which is the daily food of the Tibetan people. Adding milk residue and sugar can increase the delicious taste and enhance people's appetite; Kangding consumable beef, the traditional craft, is full of rich wild fragrance, color and taste beautiful; Yak beef soup pot is a hot pot with ethnic characteristics. It is tender, smooth and fresh, and full of yak flavor, which is suitable for eating in winter. Ganzi milk residue is a traditional biscuit snack made of ghee and milk residue.